Thursday, November 04, 2010

End-of-dynasty discussion

This has been a great dynasty, but due to the nature of its theme much of the gameplay was hidden or obscured from most players and onlookers. Now that the dynasty is over, I’m curious to hear what everyone has been up to. Who were the station raiders, apart from Brendan? Have Agents been cooperating to complete the victory condition? Was the transmission mechanic ever successfully used to transmit useful information? Share your secret machinations and suspicions here.



11-04-2010 11:49:48 UTC

I wasn’t very active in this dynasty and didn’t make any serious attempts to win, but mostly tried to make a nuisance of myself. I might have directed someone to defect to the wrong Allegiance by giving them someone else’s codename, and I apparently misled FuzzyLogic regarding KALEYARD’s identity. Did you intercept my (phoney) message, FuzzyLogic?

I was also responsible for a couple of the ‘XXXSEEKSCLEVERAGENTS’ transmissions. I think this is the only such one of mine that wasn’t publicly decrypted; it uses a running key cipher, and the first part referred to Chapter 5 of Job in the King James version of the bible, which is the keystream for the rest of the message.


11-04-2010 14:37:22 UTC

Sorry Purplebeard, I never got any info regarding KALEYARD from anyone. I believe I was able to have a poorly encrypted exchange via radio transmissions with TIPCAT/HUNTSMAN in an effort to defect to the US. I have a sneaking suspicion that Brendan was able to find his identity because of that exchange.

Regarding Station Raids, I did complete two and I was about to complete the third when Brendon DoV’d. If I’m not mistaken Brendan was responsible for the first two Station Raids that got completed. I intercepted him on Operation Anvil. After that I kept trying to intercept him but I don’t think he took any more Operations. The whole exchange via radio transmissions between “Station Raider” and “Interceptor/Agent V” was Brendan and I.


11-04-2010 14:54:59 UTC

That exchange was with me, impersonating TIPCAT. I was hoping that you would defect to the Soviets without knowing it, but Bucky (TIPCAT) happened to be US anyway, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

Brendan hinted that you got the DONUTSHOP message, and I posted a transmission later that was encrypted with that key. I think the decrypted message said that Josh was KALEYARD, who I knew was an impostor.

For the uninitiated, I sent the following message to a nonexistent codename, hoping that it would be intercepted:

“re: Greetings!

I’m close to victory. If you can distract everyone from my current location while I raid, it would be greatly appreciated.

I suggest we resume our communication via radio transmissions using the Vigenère cipher with key DONUTSHOP. It’s simple to en/decrypt, and should be safe enough if we keep the lengths of our transmissions under 40 or so.”


11-04-2010 16:16:31 UTC

HAH! It was intercepted, by me, and was going to use DONUTSHOP to transmit a fake ID for VAPORETTO (another Imposter).  Then I saw someone else transmitting KALEYARD, whom I’d just uncovered, and realized that they had the same idea…  The reason I assumed you were the originator of that message, FuzzyLogic, was the phrase “I’m close to victory” compared to your comment on the DoV that you were “so close.”

I was actually responsible for three Station Raids before getting intercepted (I failed my second one due to my own poor record-keeping…  and on the third I got my own ID). After getting intercepted on my fourth attempt I never tried again, though FuzzyLogic intercepted me several times anyway. My only successful interception was against Bucky, for Operation Griffon, which gave me his Codename.  I made many more attempts than that, so I think AIGRETTE was a pretty well-known name by the end. Josh was even confident enough about it to call me out on it on Twitter.


11-04-2010 18:57:22 UTC

Who had what codenames that you reported anyway Brendan? And what one was yours? I became abit more active when Josh, however he did it, updated you, Lilo, Thane and Purplebeards locations. I still think I got your Codename, I thought I had Lilo (till your DoV included the Codeame I thought was Lilo’s so its not his). Other then that, and sme minor misreads of rules, I spent most of the dynasty dealing with a crudy desktop comp lol.


11-04-2010 19:27:52 UTC

Here’s all the Codenames I knew:

TIPCAT/HEADSMAN: Bucky (learned via successful interception)
VIRGATE: FuzzyLogic (learned via process of elimination; Bucky and FL were the only people who would have been active in time to intercept me, but who did not have Codenames at the time of Newspaper Clipping)
NONILLION: Mosby (learned via logic-gaming: had to be newer than Newspaper Clipping, had to be French as learned via surveillance)
JUMBUCK: Undef (Had to be new, and the other three new codenames were accounted for)

I also knew WHITLOW was Darknight via the first Station Raid, but he and I were both Soviet, so useless for the report—I had originally planned to learn all the Soviet names and then defect.

I had previously surveilled VAPORETTO and, just before the Signal went out, returned to its location in time to verify that it was an Imposter.  (I knew it was West German, and Bucky was the only West German Agent but had a different Codename, QED.)  Toward the end of the game I was systematically scouring the Soviet district trying to find it again for an Assassination attempt.

It was in the course of said scouring that I happened to Surveil three French-nationality codenames in a row (KALEYARD, NONILLION, HARUSPEX)—a huge stroke of luck.  I knew Mosby was the only new French Agent, and so had to be NONILLION.  That meant that of KALEYARD and HARUSPEX, one had to be Roujo and one had to be an Imposter.

I switched to Lamplighter in order to exploit the Imposter-sonar method I’d snuck in under “X-Header.”  I could now send daily messages to myself using any suspect Codename as a relay, and if the message got through I knew they were an Imposter.  I tried this with HARUSPEX and it failed, which told me that HARUSPEX was Roujo and KALEYARD was an Imposter.  (I confirmed by sending another message the next day.)

I reversed course to head back to the last place I’d seen KALEYARD, to assassinate it instead, but discovered that Kevan had already moved it.  At this point, “Breaking News” emerged, and I realized that I had everything I needed to ID the four new Codenames; if I was lucky, none of them would have picked Soviet.

I submitted a Final Report on that gamble, and amazingly enough it worked.  I did a decent amount of slanted rule-writing in this round (note that both kinds of Taxis work better if you’re in SU, and that AIGRETTE contains multiples of the most common letters in Codenames), but I also had a LOT of luck.


11-05-2010 00:45:46 UTC

I raided Spandau once (Operation Tripswitch). My codename was OLEASTER. I was Soviet.

Ienpw III:

11-05-2010 01:47:14 UTC

I was the morse code agent. I also foolishly used another code, and again used X for spaces. I was sure I’d be caught, until I idled.


11-05-2010 02:39:34 UTC

So you were BUTCHERBIRD (prob not completely right but you get the idea lol) Brenden?


11-05-2010 02:42:37 UTC

Just read Kev’s data dump. So I caught PB’s and Mosby’s codes. Yep, I’d have been toast lol.


11-05-2010 09:36:48 UTC

The identity data is here, if anyone missed the link.