Monday, July 07, 2008

Call for Judgment: Enough is Enough!

reached a quorum, final vote 4-3—Yoda
Finally, the stalemate is broken.

Adminned at 08 Jul 2008 11:51:02 UTC

Yoda has been quite bothersome as of late with his repeated attempts at sneaking a quick victory.  I don’t know about you, but I am getting quite sick and tired of this little green nuisance.  I suggest we give him a little time out from victory attempts.

If this CfJ passes, add a rule titled “Time Out” with the following text: “Yoda may not achieve victory in the current dynasty.  This rule may be repealed by any admin after a successful DoV.”

Oh, and I am posting this anonymously because I don’t want Yoda to know who wrote it.  I don’t feel like getting chopped in half by his lightsaber…



07-07-2008 17:13:42 UTC



07-07-2008 17:19:42 UTC

against for obvious reasons


07-07-2008 17:50:09 UTC

1) It wouldn’t be a “quick victory”. This dynasty is starting to move from medium length to somewhat old.

2) Sneaky victories are the best kind.

Almost enough to make me unidle just to vote against. Keep trying and I’m sure you’ll eventually succeed. =)


07-07-2008 18:41:47 UTC

against Give him a chance.


07-07-2008 18:42:38 UTC

Oh, and there is a big problem with this: there is no way to tell where the new rule should go.


07-07-2008 19:07:44 UTC

I believe that either Darknight or Devenger posted this.


07-07-2008 19:22:38 UTC

Why does it have to say where the new rule should go, we use that wording all the time.


07-07-2008 19:24:06 UTC

To answer your question, though: I would say it adds a dynastic rule.


07-07-2008 19:53:50 UTC

“I believe that either Darknight or Devenger posted this.”

Point of posting it as CfJ is that people donno who posted it. Spectating over it defeats the purpose =P


07-07-2008 20:07:21 UTC

It’s fun to speculate, though.


07-07-2008 21:06:05 UTC

for LOL all’s fair


07-07-2008 21:06:38 UTC

I still think Yoda would have kept the lightsabers.


07-08-2008 00:07:23 UTC

against hey now don’t be blaming me rodlen. Yodas a good person and I’m one to give anyone a chance to win, sneaky or not. Kinda cold of ya to point fingers when your not even active don’t ya think? Plus remember the fact that not all of us are online at the same time. so I’ve only just read this and voted. This whole thing is breaking down into another Mad King drama fest.


07-08-2008 00:09:35 UTC

erm, disregard the active line. i at first though clucky said it. still rod its abit unfair of ya to point fingers when someone hasen’t voted yet.


07-08-2008 00:30:39 UTC

To whoever posted this, first off I’m not trying to sound mean here. If you look back at some of the last couple of dynasties you’ll see that those who won did so in a sneaky manner. Purplebeard won the pirate vs ninja one thanks to a poorly written rule. There was the chronos affair in the factory dynasty a few yrs back. Sneaky wins make up a good part of the fun in a nomic. You never know when someone will place a DoV. Plus in the last dynasty we all stated that punishing someone by saying they can’t win was out of the spirit of the game, as Rodlen can say lol. So can we all play nice again?


07-08-2008 00:56:30 UTC

for COV


07-08-2008 01:28:50 UTC

for COV, as Yoda does not want to win.


07-08-2008 02:06:33 UTC

I don’t think Yoda can win.

The rule says he wins nothing.


07-08-2008 04:55:35 UTC



07-08-2008 11:13:31 UTC

imperial a.k.a. abstention because it isn’t actually a legal voting icon in CfJs.

It wasn’t me. I only just saw this - surely everyone can see it wasn’t me by the type of language employed (I’m not that subtle or fluent).


07-08-2008 15:27:13 UTC

I do distinctly remember Chivalrybean repeatedly referring to my little green physique, but of course he’s not active right now, so I guess that doesn’t help much…


07-08-2008 16:15:48 UTC

Devenger is now the only active DDA Member who has not voted yet.

So far, the vote is tied 3-3.


07-08-2008 18:22:53 UTC

My theory now is that Yoda wrote it. Why? Because ‘not’ is in italics… which means both the person who wrote this DoV thinks Yoda should be able to win, AND it’s likely to be someone versed in hiding italics in proposals.

Who was the last person whotried that trick? Oh yeah, I remember…

for It’s beautiful. Kudos, better luck next time? Unless it was someone else doing it by accident, in which case… oops?