Saturday, June 16, 2018


The Story ended at 15th of June of 2018, 20:22:00 UTC.

Every Sailor but Cuddlebeam had the goal of “Abandon Ship”, which was not met as the Haniver was not sunk, giving all those Sailors Reckoning of zero.

The idle Sailor Cuddlebeam may have had the goal of “Religious” or “Abandon Ship” depending on how one interprets the rule for changing Goals, which states that “one or more of their own Goals be removed and replaced” and that the Narrator “shall and can perform these changes”: it would not be possible to perform the removal step, as the list can never hold zero items. This would give Cuddlebeam a Reckoning of zero or one.

If Cuddlebeam has a Reckoning of 1, they achieved victory on the 15th.

If Cuddlebeam has a Reckoning of 0 then everyone is tied for highest Reckoning, and with 3HP+9G Cuddlebeam had the highest Prestige when the Story Ended, so achieved victory on the 15th.

Play continues.

My reading of how things are.

I was thinking I had to hold off on this until after establishing a quorum’s view, since I didn’t want to reveal secret information which couldn’t be unrevealed, but if we’re going forward with all goals being Abandon Ship, the only serious information this reveals is whether anyone else spotted and used the loophole (they didn’t) and whether the Story has ended yet (it has).


Lulu: she/her

16-06-2018 20:25:35 UTC

Well, this is awkward.