Monday, October 24, 2005

Proposal: Epochs

1-7. Can’t pass w/o cov.—Chronos

Adminned at 25 Oct 2005 08:55:49 UTC

Move rule 6, ‘glory’, to be a sub-rule of rule 4.  Move rule 5 to be a sub-rule of rule 7.  Rename the ‘Deity’ column of the GNDT to be “Incarnation”, and change all references to it in the ruleset in a like manner.  Delete the first two paragraphs of rule “Deities”.

Move rule 3 to be a sub-rule of a new rule, named ‘Epochs’, with the text

The Archon must, every Monday, and within 24 hours of the passage of the proposal that created this rule, make a post to the frontpage stating the Pantheon for the upcoming week, which may be any historical, mythological, or fictional pantheon of gods or god-like beings that the Dieties of blognomic should either be familiar enought with, or could find sufficient information on using publically available resources, in order to represent the actions of one of th members of said pantheon accurately.  This may optionally accompanied by some flavour text describing the Pantheon, recent events in it, etc.. 

Before a Deity may take any game actions after the posting of the new Pantheon, e must change eir Incarnation to a member of the current Pantheon, and update eir GNDT ‘Incarnation’ and ‘Pantheon’ fields appropriately.  This procedure is known as “changing Roles”.

Have each week represent the over-dieties (us) take on the roles of a different pantheon of gods, and duke it out over the different parts of history as time goes on. 



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against COV. This means that (A): Temples only last for a week before you have to switch roles and lose them, and thus people who make temples will lose quint. (B): That people won’t be able to pick odd Pantheons like ADOM for their Deity. And (C): If we ever do repeat Epoches, it will become a degerate race to switch to the Deity with the most temples. If we don’t, then the Temples of switching Deities disappear after the end of a Epoch.

Angry Grasshopper:

10-24-2005 21:07:51 UTC

I like the idea of inter-deity competition in the dynasty, but the proposal is too far out of theme—I had something more eschatological in mind.

Mechanically, as Rodney points out, this also breaks the Temples, but that’s only a minor bug.



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10-25-2005 00:43:00 UTC

This is way more eschatological than the bookeeping that we seem to be doing instead….


10-25-2005 01:07:55 UTC

COV against


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