Sunday, October 09, 2005

Proposal: Er. . . remember that ‘loophole’ in the anarchy attack?

4-1.  5 votes included ‘loophole’.  Reached quorum, enacted by Excalabur

Adminned at 10 Oct 2005 16:23:06 UTC

it’s way worse now than it used to be
The current text of pillage reads:

A Country using Anarchy may Pillage, which means e may transfer Commodities from the stocks of the defender to emself, but no more than eir attacking presence and no more than the specific production capacity of the Territory in each Commodity. If any of the defending Country’s Commodity stocks is at zero after this and the Territory was controlled by the Defender before the attack , then the Territory becomes controlled by the attacking Country and the native population get added to the attacker’s presence for the final population. This Attack Method is ineffective when used in a Territory controlled by a defender using Despotism.

This means instant takeover of any invaded territory, because of the worldwide shortage of natural beauty, among other things.  Change Pillage to read as follows:

A Country using anarchy may Pillage, which transfers a number of Commodities equal to five times the attacking presence from the defender to the attacker, of the attacker’s choice.  If the defender has insufficient Commodities to fulfil the attack, the attacker may transfer one population from the defender to eirself for every five Commodities, or part thereof, that the defender was short.

Furthermore, if a 2/3 majority of the votes to this proposal include the word ‘loophole’ in their comments, change the effects of all attack posts made by anarchists between the posting of this proposal and its passage to have the effects of the ‘Pillage’ attack text, and not the old.



10-09-2005 14:49:07 UTC

for loophole


10-09-2005 15:04:33 UTC

for loophole myslef :)


10-09-2005 17:15:42 UTC

for loophole


10-10-2005 12:15:24 UTC

against  loophole


10-10-2005 21:44:42 UTC

for loophole