Friday, December 08, 2006

Proposal: Even Planets and Signs

Timed out 2-3 -Saki

Adminned at 10 Dec 2006 17:46:09 UTC

Rewrite “Discovery”, so it reads:

Occasionally, a student may attempt to discover a new planet by making a comment of “Discovery DICE100 DICE100”. If both dice results are less than the students mythos level, the student has discovered a new planet. E must then make a post boasting about eir discovery on the blog. The post must contain the planet’s name, if the planet is Personal, Transpersonal or Generational and the sign the new Planet is regent to. This action is considered a Strenuous activity.

If any sign has only one regent, then the discovering student must choose one of those signs to assign to the new planet. If there is no sign with only one regent, then the discovering student may choose any sign for the new planet to be regent to.

The choice between Personal, Transpersonal or Generational shall abide to the following constraints:

* The choice must not cause the number of Personal Planets to be greater than half the number of Planets.
* The choice must not cause the number of Transpersonal Planets to be greater than the number of Generational Planets.

If any Discovery has been made since the posting of this Proposal that would be contrary to its stipulations, undo it and any consequences thereafter.

The idea here is making it more difficult to bring faster planets into existence.




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It’s pretty difficult to bring any planet into existence!


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09-12-2006 23:58:46 UTC

against Even with a mythos of 20, there’s still only a 4% chance of discovering a planet.