Friday, March 18, 2022

Proposal: Every dynasty exists simultaneously

Times out 1-2 and fails -SingularByte

Adminned at 20 Mar 2022 17:02:33 UTC

Rewrite the rule Parallel Dynasties to read as follows:

There are a number of Parallel Dynasties of BlogNomic, which are numbered between 101 and 200. These are publicly tracked.

The existing historic dynasties of BlogNomic numbered between 1 and 100 are referred to as a Locked Dynasties, and those numbered 101-199 are referred to as Prime Dynasties.

Each parallel universe dynasty must have a number, and can have the following Data: an ordinal (a non-negative ordinal integer defaulting to First), an Emperor, a Victory Style (which may only be one word from the set {Conventional, Scam, Pooling}), a theme, which is flavour text, and a Winner, which is blank by default. All of these are publicly tracked.

The Paralleliser is a tool used by Maestro Team Members to divine the properties of parallel dynasties; it can be found here: Some actions might instruct you to generate something by Using the Paralleliser with a given seed list. To do so, open the Paralleliser. Set the Model to GPT-NeoX, the top-k to 400, the top-p to 0.9, the temperature to 1.0 and the max tokens to 200, leaving the ‘stop at’ field blank. Paste the seed list from the Dynasty Data page into the text box and repeatedly hit ‘Generate’ until the Paralleliser returns a list of five or more items that bear a resemblance to the items on the input list. Choose six distinct items from among those generated by the Paralleliser (ignoring the text in bold, which simply replicates your initial input, and any item after the last comma); randomly select one of these choices to be the generated item.

Add the following to be the first subrule to the rule Parallel Dynasties, called Default Information:

The Winner of a Parallel Dynasty is the same Persona as the Emperor of the subsequent Parallel Dynasty, if that Data is known.

The Ordinal of a Parallel Dynasty is blank unless the Emperor for that Parallel Dynasty is known. If the Emperor for that parallel dynasty is known and has appeared as Emperor before, either in another parallel dynasty with a lower number or in a Locked Dynasty, then the ordinal for this dynasty is one higher than it was in the most recent such other dynasty in which that name appears as Emperor.

If a Parallel Dynasty gains a value or has its value changed for any of the Data described in this subrule then any Maestro Team Member may update it at any time.

Add the following to be the second subrule to the rule Parallel Dynasties, called Learning:

As a Daily Action, a Maestro Team Member may learn of a parallel universe dynasty, which is an atomic action with the following steps:

* Select a Parallel Dynasty with one or more missing pieces of Data, and select one or more pieces of Data (other than the Ordinal or the Winner) that it lacks
** If the selected piece of Data is the Emperor: use the Paralleliser with a seed list of Emperors (101-199) list from the Dynasty Data page to generate a name. Set that name to be the Emperor of the parallel dynasty being discovered.
** If the selected piece of Data is the Theme: use the Paralleliser with a seed list of Themes (101-199) list from the Dynasty Data page to generate a theme. Set that theme to be the theme of the parallel dynasty being discovered.
** If the selected piece of Data is the Victory Style: randomly select the Dynasty’s Victory Style.
* Add the name of the Maestro Team Member performing this action to the Temporal footprint of the parallel dynasty being discovered.

Remove ‘Ordinal’ from the rule Distilled Possibility.

Making the parallel dynasties just exist, to have data filled in ad hoc


SingularByte: he/him

18-03-2022 16:20:31 UTC

How does the ordinal in Default Information interact with the ability to change the ordinal in the rule Distilled Possibility? It doesn’t seem like either rule has precedence over the other.

Josh: he/they

18-03-2022 16:46:54 UTC

Thanks - have amended


19-03-2022 00:25:17 UTC

There isn’t a rule called Parallel Dynasties.  Do you mean Parallel BlogNomic?

SingularByte: he/him

19-03-2022 06:37:08 UTC

against Due to MadisonSilver’s point. I’ll probably vote For if it’s fixed though.


19-03-2022 23:15:46 UTC

against As above.  Other than that, the idea is interesting, but I think it might slow down the game to have each universe require multiple steps to create.  I’m also worried about how it interacts with some of the other mechanics (e.g Variance and Dynasty Duplication) since those mechanics weren’t designed with incomplete dynasties or a pre-filled dynasty list in mind.