Saturday, November 15, 2008

Proposal: Every Good Story Needs a Plot


Adminned at 15 Nov 2008 16:16:52 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule titled “The Plot” with the following text:

There exists a non-playable character called “Jason Smith”.

There exists a document called the “Plot Summary” whose contents have no effect on gamestate.  This document may only be altered by proposal, CfJ, or as allowed by the ruleset.

Each Character has a statistic called “Plot Points” (abbreviated PP) to be tracked in the GNDT.  New Characters start with 0 PP.


Hello Sailor:

16-11-2008 00:10:10 UTC

Could you be more specific about Mr Smith?  I take it that he is a Character (and counts toward quorum, and other such passive consequences), but that there is no human “player” that gets to perform actions (voting, for example) on his behalf?

As for the Plot Summary, the line about its contents having no effect on the gamestate seems unnecessary, and definitely baffles me, especially considering that the very next line contradicts it.  Since the contents are regulated (“This document may only be altered…”), I infer that the contents are part of the gamestate; thus the contents have an extremely important effect on the gamestate (namely, contents directly cause certain parts of the gamestate to exist).  Also, should it be mentioned what form this document takes?  I mean, is it a wiki page, a stickied blog entry, or just some Notepad file sitting on someone’s desktop?


16-11-2008 00:16:18 UTC

Whoops, I think I rushed this one a little too much.

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