Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Proposal: Every worker’s dream

It looks like everyone forgot this proposal existed. Passes 1-0.—Rodney
Or not. there’s not enough votes on it. Fails due to lack of votes. —Rodney

Adminned at 03 Jun 2007 07:03:55 UTC

Add a new subrule to Rule 2.2.  Call it “Buyout” and give it the following text:

If a Worker has a Net Worth of at least $1000, e has accumulated enough money to make a highly leveraged buyout of the company.  If e chooses to do so, e must make a story post describing eir takeover.  E has then achieved victory.




05-29-2007 03:57:16 UTC

I’d like for the net worth victory to be a comparative victory of some sort.  Perhaps the most networth, and over an amount, or more than 2 other people combine, or something along those lines?


05-29-2007 03:59:35 UTC

If you want to make a counter-proposal, I’ll s-k this one and endorse yours unless it’s broken or something.


05-29-2007 04:00:58 UTC

well, I’d like to get a feel for what other people think as well :p


05-29-2007 20:34:59 UTC

I knew I made rules to get money for a reason…

Well, to have ‘control’ you tend to need at least 51% of the stock in a company, right? Perhaps if it was something along those lines? We can keep it something simple, or more complicated (such as having the company ‘go public’ and allow people to buy stock, but then it could get ‘stuck’ where no one could get 51%, so I suggest keeping it more simple) (simple, not like my convoluted posts.)


05-30-2007 18:24:54 UTC

As I am new to this game and still learning the community, and methods, take this for whatever it is worth. 

I think a company value should be created.  Something based on the value of the parts, the working machines, and the total number of employees.  Wow that can get complex.  The working value of the company would then allow the employees to trade their money in for stock.  Combine stock to make a buy-out or a take-over possibly?