Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proposal: Everyone needs a motto

Posted during hiatus—Rodlen

Adminned at 10 Sep 2008 16:31:36 UTC

Create a new rule “Motto” with the following rule-set:

Each Candidate has a statistic ‘Motto’ tracked in the GDNT. A Candidate’s Motto can be any single word or be empty. Candidates start with an empty Motto A Candidate may, as a weekly action, either change their Motto to any single word or set it to empty. If a candidate’s Motto is not empty, that candidate may add one supporter to their supporters any time another candidate, who isn’t one of their endorser’s, uses their Motto in a pending proposal. A candidate can only add one supporter per instance of the Motto used, can only gain supporters from proposal which have been open less than 24 hours and can at most gain 5 supporters per day from this method.


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