Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proposal: Everything about this proposal except the title was given to me by Ienpw


Adminned at 16 Dec 2009 18:42:09 UTC

Create a new rule, “Insanity and Calmes”:

          Each adventurer has a statistic called their Sanity, Sanity Level, Insanity, or Insanity Level. Its legal values are all integers between and including 0 and 100. If at any time an adventurer’s sanity would be set to a negative value, it is changed to 0. If at any time an adventurer’s sanity would be changed to above 100, it is set to 100.

          Up to three times per week, but not more frequently than once every 18 hours, adventurers may increase their sanity by 10.

          If an adventurer’s sanity becomes zero, they suffer a mental breakdown, and – rules to the contrary notwithstanding- may not take any game actions for a period of 36 hours. Their sanity may not be modified until this time has elapsed, at which time it increases by 20.

          If an adventurer suffers a level x shock, the integer that is x is subtracted from their sanity. If an adventurer has a boost of x, the integer that is x is added to their sanity.


Create a subrule to the above rule, and call it Shocks and Boosts.

*If an adventurer causes the Djinni to be outside the lamp, they suffer a level 20 shock.

*If an adventurer causes the Djinni to be inside the lamp, they have a boost of 15.

*If the Djinni grants an adventurer’s wish, that adventurer suffers a level 10 shock.

*If an adventurer gains power, they suffer a level 3 shock for each power they gain.


If possession is defined by the rules, add the following bullet to the above subrule:

*If the Djinni possesses an adventurer, then that adventurer suffers a level 75 shock.

The idea is that each display of magic further shocks the poor fella who sees it.


Ienpw III:

12-16-2009 03:30:16 UTC

for obviously.


12-16-2009 03:33:13 UTC

against Sanity STARTS at 0, silly. THis is like a proposed hiatus.


12-16-2009 03:33:51 UTC

I’m tempted to self-kill this, because everyone’s sanity is initially 0.


12-16-2009 03:33:52 UTC

Also, game actions include voting. It has to be game actions defined in the DYnastic rules.


12-16-2009 03:34:27 UTC

DOn’t worry, I’ve got you covered on that front, DC.


12-16-2009 03:34:38 UTC


Ienpw III:

12-16-2009 03:35:04 UTC

Damn. Veto, please.

Ienpw III:

12-16-2009 03:35:19 UTC



12-16-2009 03:36:03 UTC

Posted at the same time as Wak.


12-16-2009 03:40:52 UTC

Express veto was removed, so I unadminned this.