Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Proposal: Exact randomness II

S-K. ~~ChronosPhaenon

Adminned at 15 Feb 2012 21:06:39 UTC

Rewrite rule Fame, so it reads:

Each Musician has a integer stat called “Fame” which is initially zero.

If there is not currently a pending Tour posted, and if none of the Tours made in the past 7 days (if any were made) were initiated while the Band Members were the same set of Musicians as they are now, then any Band Member may make a Story Post with the title “Tour”. The Tour is considered pending until the set of Band Members changes (either by a Musician switching from Band Member to Hanger On or vice versa or by a Band Member going idle) or until it is resolved by the Frontman.

The Frontman may resolve a pending Tour at any time. When the Frontman resolves a pending Tour, if all Band Members have the same style, then if there is exactly one Band Member who is Showing Off the Frontman must increase that Band Member’s Fame by B where B is the number of Band Members. Otherwise, Frontman must increase the Fame of each of the Band Members who is not Showing Off by C where C is the number of Band Members, divided by two, rounded up.In either case, the frontman must reassign each Band Member a new style via the process used for new Musicians and all Band Members then become Hangers On (and thus cease to be Showing Off). Otherwise (i.e. when the Frontman first resolves the Tour there are two Band Members with different styles), the Frontman must decrease the Fame of the Band Member who made the Tour by one and make them a Hanger On. In either case, the Frontman must make a comment on the pending Tour as to which way he resolved it.

At any time, if the band has no members, the frontman must get the result K of a roll of a DICEN, where N is the number of Hanger Ons. The Kth Hanger On as appears in the Current Active Player List becomes a Band Member. Afterwards, the frontman must repeat this process until the number of Band Members is either exactly 4 or the number of Musicians, whichever is least.


Clucky: he/him

14-02-2012 18:28:55 UTC

against I don’t think this works. If there are no band members, then band quorum is 0. So there is band quorum of respect for every hanger-on and no grievance. Need to clarify in “Respect and Grievance” that it doesn’t trigger if there is no band.


14-02-2012 22:58:37 UTC

If there are no Band Members, then Band Quorum is 1.

Clucky: he/him

14-02-2012 23:06:35 UTC

oooh fair point.  for


14-02-2012 23:07:32 UTC

for Though I would prefer if I could roll all dice at a time. For instance with the system we used two dynasties ago to sort Routes:

then do those four actions in that order, stopping if there are no Hangers On:
make the Ith Hanger On a Band Member,
then the Jth in the new list of Hangers On,
then the Kth in the new list of Hangers On,
then the Lth in the new list of Hangers On.


14-02-2012 23:08:33 UTC



15-02-2012 13:47:16 UTC

against Ok, per Koen’s complaint. I’ll do the N, N-1, etc. thing, as well as try to sort out the multiple “otherwise” conundrum.