Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Proposal: Excuse me professor, does this class have a purpose?

Self Killed, but Clucky escapes from the combat.

Adminned at 25 Jul 2008 07:58:30 UTC

Add the following to the end of the rule “Classes”

Each class has bonus intrinsic points in various skills.  These bonus points are not counted when totaling the cost for upgrading a skill, but apply in all other circumstances. The bonus points each class gets are as follows:

Wizard - Magic and Reveling
Fighter - Combat and Bravery
Rogue - Thievery and Bravery
Monk - Religion and Combat
Sorcerer - Magic and Thievery
Cleric - Religion and Magic
Barbarian - Combat and Thievery
Bard - Reveling and Bravery
Paladin - Religion and Bravery
Ranger - Combat and Reveling
Peasant - none



07-23-2008 15:34:10 UTC

against How many bonus points do they get?  Other than that, I like it.


07-23-2008 15:38:54 UTC

The bonus points each class gets are as follows: Wizard - Magic and Reveling.

Seems pretty clear to me they get one of each.


07-23-2008 17:26:47 UTC

But there is no number associated.  It just says they get “bonus points”?


07-23-2008 17:47:54 UTC

And thus its implied to be singular. The bonus points you get are A and B. Sure it could’ve been clearer… but I think its still fairly clear.


07-23-2008 18:44:40 UTC

The problem is that it’s pluralized.

It’s not you get a bonus point in A and B, it’s you get bonus pointS in A and B.


07-23-2008 18:56:04 UTC

But because you are getting in an A and B its plural.


07-23-2008 22:05:50 UTC

i think he means one point in those areas. right clucky? i’m holding my vote till ya respond


07-23-2008 22:07:33 UTC

hmmm…. i might reword this and repropose later if need be


07-23-2008 22:10:33 UTC

In dynasties that reward you for a successful proposal, taking someone else’s proposal idea is a colossal jerk move.


07-23-2008 22:11:48 UTC

Then why don’t you beat him to it?


07-23-2008 22:12:08 UTC

lol ik but you are out of slots. thats why i said later. if i could i’d give ya any gold if my reword would pass


07-23-2008 22:14:07 UTC

Also, I think it is way too ambiguous as it stands.  It needs to explicitly say 1, 2, 3, etc. points in each skill listed or list how many points each individual skill gets for each class, e.g. Wizard - Magic (2) and Reveling (1).


07-23-2008 22:17:22 UTC

stop reading my mind damn it lol


07-23-2008 22:29:55 UTC

It’s just the Jedi mind tricks.  *waves hand*  Forget you ever heard me say that.


07-23-2008 22:30:58 UTC

lol nice. i walked right in to that


07-23-2008 22:34:33 UTC

against for my rewrite. and don’t worry clucky, i wored in a way for you to get credit for this


07-23-2008 22:34:47 UTC



07-23-2008 23:59:25 UTC

Don’t worry Mamn, I’m only shooting one of your kids in the face.


07-24-2008 00:55:02 UTC



07-24-2008 03:00:18 UTC

against voting again so I can say

Nice try, though.


07-24-2008 05:06:16 UTC



07-25-2008 02:21:02 UTC

against  Nice try, though


07-25-2008 11:19:08 UTC

against Nice try, though

(with 3 NTT I don’t lose any gold. yay =P)