Saturday, July 22, 2017

Proposal: Expand and Compress

Times out 3-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 24 Jul 2017 22:02:21 UTC

Amend “Tags” to read:

Votable matters have zero or more tags. Tags are added by adding it to the title of a votable matter with the format “[X]” where [X] is the tag, for example “[Core] Wording Fix”. Votable Matters require the [Core] tag in order to make changes to the Core Rules, and the [Appendix] tag in order to make changes to the Appendix Rules. Votable Matters other than DoVs require the [Victory] tag in order to grant victory to a Pactmaker.

I believe that we only use tags to mark [Core] and [Appendix] changes as well as trying to prevent getting victory by some sly use of a Proposal/CFJ



07-23-2017 02:39:18 UTC

I don’t think its a good idea to get rid of the default values.


07-23-2017 05:19:57 UTC

for oh so you wouldn’t need tags to edit the gamestate or dynastic rules.


07-23-2017 09:42:03 UTC

This removes the “By default, a Call for Judgement can affect everything” clause of the current rule Tags.


07-23-2017 22:56:10 UTC

for But I still have never understood what [Victory] is for. If it’s for restricting proposals that add rules that can grant victory that’s one thing, but not clear. If it’s for restricting proposals that directly say “X has achieved victory” as the change to gamestate, that’s strange to me. It seems more likely to have such a proposal accidentally not confer victory because we forgot the tag, than to accidentally give someone victory because we didn’t have the victory tag existing in the rules in the first place.


07-24-2017 06:48:45 UTC

I believe it was put to preemptively avoid having someone achieve the “has achieved victory” gamestate via CFJ/Proposal, instead of having it add a rule that then gives you victory.

I’ve seen scams like those in Agora, but its mostly ‘omnipotent’ ones which could do anything possible anyway, like adding a rule which lets them achieve victory immediately.

Although proposals in Agora are held to extreme scrutiny, unlike here, where things in proposals are often overlooked (that someone could be a werewolf in Kevan’s latest dynasty via proposal, Cultists overlooking that they had gotten a free Artefact in Sphinx’s via proposal, etc)

Tags are there to prevent us from overlooking things (a Core Rules change is *much* more important than a Dynastic one, because it can survive multiple dynasties), and if [Victory] is there to prevent us from overlooking a ‘I achieve victory’ in a Votable matter, then I believe its working as intended.