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Proposal: Expansion of the Metadynastic Entity

Timed out 1-5. Cant reach quorum.-Darknight

Adminned at 12 Jun 2008 23:24:25 UTC

Modify the Planar Entities wiki page by adding the following flavor text under the Metadynastic Entity bullet:

The Metadynastic Entity exists to destroy spacecraft and thus end the existence of modern civilization.

Rewrite rule 2.5 Spacecraft as follows:

‘Spacecraft’ exist. There exists a wiki page called ‘Spacecraft Register’ in which the details of all existing Spacecraft are kept. Each Spacecraft has all of its properties (except for its name) listed under a sub-heading which is named the same as the Spacecraft, on the ‘Spacecraft Register’ wiki page. Should the number of Spacecraft ever drop below 1, all dynastic rules are repealed, and a new medadynasty starts.

The properties of the Spacecraft shall include:

Name: A name unique amongst Spacecraft that cannot exceed 30 characters.

Size: A positive integer.

Crew Capacity: A positive integer that cannot exceed the ‘Size’ property of the Spacecraft.

Remaining Space: Size - Crew Capacity - Equipment Sizes. Can’t go below 0.

Power: Combination of the power values of all weapons on the Spacecraft, multiplied by the number of Bombadiers aboard.

Armor: Combination of the armor values of all armor on the Spacecraft.

Speed: Combination of the speed values of all propulsion on the Spacecraft, divided by the Spacecraft’s size, multiplied by the number of Pilots aboard.

Owner: An organization, non-DDA member planar entity, or the DDA.

The properties of the Spacecraft may include:

Full Title: An alternative name that can be used instead of the name above, within flavor text, which has no character limit. This should be used in favour of the ‘Name’ property if a ship should have a long, cumbersome title for story post purposes.

Design Description: A block of flavor text describing the aesthetics of the Spacecraft.

A Spacecraft may only be created or modified through a successful proposal or as described by a rule.

While I originally intended to make this suggestion more far reaching, I decided to limit to this to allow for more creativity in the exact nature purpose, and method of the Metadynastic Entity. Also, my exact idea as to the extent of all this vanished while I was writing this proposal.
(As a side note, I originally intended to use the term “modify” rather than “rewrite” in my proposition regarding rule 2.5 and only include the initial paragraph in the said proposition, while adding something to signify that the rest of the rule would remain as it was. However, I decided against this as I do not know of it occurring before and there is nothing in the ruleset stating the particular vocabulary and portion of the rule to be changed to be used and I did not know if this would cause any confusion. Should this be adopted as an informal method of dealing with bulky rules, added as a formal convention for dealing with such rules, or should it simply be left as it is to retain the simplicity of the current method of dealing with such issues?)



11-06-2008 13:23:17 UTC

1. The Ruleset does not provide for flavor text in the Planar Entities wiki page.

2. I think that the effect should be suspended as long as the MDE is contained.

And to answer your question:  You can say “Add the following text to the end of the first paragraph of rule 2.5 Spacecraft:” instead of rewriting the whole rule.  You can also say “Rewrite the first paragraph of rule 2.5 Spacecraft as follows:” if you want to do more than just add the sentence on the end.


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against just mostly meaningless, and oddly presented too.


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Darknight: he/him

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