Monday, May 29, 2017

Proposal: Expedition: Delivering supplies to Boot Camp

Reached quorum 7 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 30 May 2017 18:40:01 UTC

Create a new mission, with the following:


Boot Camp supply delivery


Boot Camp is deserted! Are the explorers getting cold feet? We must resupply Boot camp so that it attracts hungry explorers from all around the Antarctic. This effort will be rewarded by dog sleds made out of recycled boots.


Fifty supplies are at Boot Camp. The Participants are all the Explorers who transferred supplies to Boot Camp while both conditions “this mission is Pending” and “Boot Camp has less than 50 supplies” were true.

  Status: Pending
  Reward: 1 Dog Sled.
  Secret Treasure: None.



05-29-2017 16:11:18 UTC



05-29-2017 17:39:11 UTC

against This costs 50 supplies out of your own pocket for a single dog sled, plus many more supplies for ferrying them (with a single sled, you’d need to take 5+ trips).


05-29-2017 18:54:25 UTC

No, it rewards 1 dogsled to anyone who contributed supplies to boot camp before it had 50 supplies.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

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05-30-2017 01:03:58 UTC

Oh, read too quickly. CoV for


05-30-2017 12:03:09 UTC



05-30-2017 14:54:11 UTC

Hello again. We seem to have a rule that says “Votable matters can only affect the gamestate if they have the [Gamestate] tag.”, so this proposal would have no effect?



05-30-2017 14:55:11 UTC

Oh, there are also some default values.


05-30-2017 17:23:23 UTC

Tags, other than [Victory] and [Gamestate], correspond to a rules which in the ruleset’s table of contents are prefixed with a string containing only numerals.

Hrmpf. I would argue that all rules are prefixed with a string containing only numerals. For instance, rule 1.2.1 Idle Explorers is prefixed with “1.2.1”, but also with “1.2.”, and “1.2”, and “1.”, and “1”, and the latter contains only numerals.

If this is true, a Proposal trying to amend rule 1.2.1 Idle Explorers should have all three of the tags “Core”, “Explorers”, and “Idle Explorers”, because of:

For each tag which corresponds to a section in the ruleset, votable matters can only make changes to that tag’s corresponding ruleset section if they have that tag.


05-30-2017 18:06:11 UTC