Thursday, May 19, 2011

Proposal: Experiment

Timed out 1 vote to 15. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 May 2011 01:30:05 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled We Chosen Few:

A Farmer can either be a Vegetable Farmer or a Zombie Farmer.

Farmers who were active when this rule was enacted are Vegetable Farmers by default. The following list of Farmers’ names is a complete list of all Farmers who are Vegetable Farmers by default:

ais523, aguydude, Bucky, coppro, Crumb, Darknight, Darth Cliche, Ely, Florw, Galtori, Hix, Ienpw III, Josh, Keba, Kevan, Oze, Purplebeard, Rodlen, Roujo, SingularByte, spikebrennan, Subrincinator, Travis, William, Winner, Yoda

All other Farmers, including New Farmers or unidling Farmers who have not previously been active in this dynasty, are Zombie Farmers by default. If a Vegetable Farmer goes idle or becomes a Zombie Farmer through any other means then they are no longer Vegetable Farmers by default and may be removed from the list in this rule by any Farmer.

Change the list of names in the newly created rule above to reflect the active player list as of the time of enactment.

In the rules entitled Sun (or Resources if that is its name) and, if they exist, Planting and Neighbours, change any iteration of the word “Farmer” to read “Vegetable Farmer”.

Add the following as a sub-rule to the rule entitled either Sun or Resources, entitled Shadow:

As a weekly action, and provided that no other Zombie Framer has done so within the previous two days, a Zombie Farmer may accumulate Shadow. When accumulating Shadow, the Zombie Farmer gains [x] points of Shadow per Square of land in each Vegetable Farmer’s plot that does not currently carry a crop, where [x] is the Shade of that square. Each Zombie Farmer’s Shadow is tracked in the GNDT under Resources.

If it exists, add the following to the end of the rule entitled Planting.

Zombie Farmers may not plant any seeds except Headstones, and only Zombie Farmers may plant Headstones. As a weekly action, a Zombie Farmer may plant a Headstone as if it were a seed (as per the details above). Note that the Headstone’s cost is in Shadow.

If there is a rule entitled Planting, then add the following to the list of seeds on the Gardening Compendium wiki page:


Name: Headstone
Shadow Cost: 100
Shade Requirement: 6

To the end of the following sentence in the rule entitled Farmland:

The Shade of a Square is a number that refers to the distance from that Square to the top row of the Farmer’s Plot to which it belongs.


All Squares in a Zombie Farmer’s Plot have a Shade of 6.



05-19-2011 13:40:17 UTC

I’m afraid that a potential unidling Farmer would have a really hard time managing to have enacted a proposal giving a victory condition (or any advantage) to Zombie Farmers.
Abstaining for now.


05-19-2011 13:42:47 UTC

@Ely: I disagree. Perhaps you’re right at first, but given that the number of vegetable farmers will never increase I suspect that over time the zombies have the real advantage. Especially if those Veg farmers unfortunate enough to be over-run by Zombies join the Horde.


05-19-2011 15:04:46 UTC

against .  I’d rather not split into factions this early in the dynasty.


05-19-2011 15:39:15 UTC

against It seems a bit unfair to turn all the active players into an exclusive group.


05-19-2011 15:45:45 UTC

against Yeah, having it as an opt-in group seems fairer. Maybe let anyone plant Headstones, and make that the thing that determines whether you’re a Zombie Farmer.

And “Sun or Resources” doesn’t work if Watering Can passes, which renames the rule to “Water” (which won’t get renamed to “Resources”).


05-19-2011 15:50:32 UTC



05-19-2011 15:56:18 UTC

against Just do not like the concept.


05-19-2011 16:22:52 UTC

against Factions pretty much always go wrong.


05-19-2011 17:13:27 UTC

against I would rather see a free-for-all rather than a faction based system.


05-19-2011 18:13:58 UTC

I think I like the idea of headstones (possibly more pulling from PvZ?), but yah, factions tend to go badly, even if given the possibility to change sides (and perhaps more so if Farmers can change sides).


05-19-2011 19:51:34 UTC

against Baaaah.


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