Monday, January 08, 2018

Proposal: Experiment Number Six

Timed out 3 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 11 Jan 2018 08:50:50 UTC

Add three abilities to the “Abilities” rule:-

  • Warning Call (Manifest 25): As a daily action, you may gain 5 Hunger to add or remove 10 Suspicion to or from any Nearby Failed Experiment.
  • Mimic (Manifest 10): When acquiring an Ability which is possessed by a Nearby Failed Experiment, you may consider that Ability’s Manifest cost to be half of its usual value.
  • Long Arms (Manifest 15): You may consider your Distance to be 1 greater or less than its current value, when performing a Heroic Action.



01-08-2018 13:06:11 UTC



01-08-2018 13:58:24 UTC


But then again, I’m pretty much the only person who doesn’t profit from this.


01-08-2018 22:16:55 UTC

for sort of late to be adding these in though