Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The two important rules here were “As a daily action, a Contestant (known as the Caller) may spend 1 point of Looks to change the Location of any Contestant to the Caller’s Location. If this action would cause the Caller’s Looks to become less than 10, the action can’t be taken. ” and “If the number of Remaining Contestants in a room is ever greater than its Capacity, Contestants in that room are in imminent risk of drowning; any Contestant (including the Host) may pull a Remaining Contestant in that room to safety, by making that Contestant an Evacuee. However, if at least one of the Remaining Contestants in that room has not been in it continuously for 24 hours (for the purposes of calculating this, being idle does not count as being in a room), then the Remaining Contestant who entered that room most recently must be chosen to pull to safety this way”

Darth used his luck to make his fruit roll a one, giving him a second action. He drowned DK and Comex this way as the indoor Garden has capacity 2 and only Rodlen was there. (even though the original idea was half DKs). Yuri had 2/3rds support, and so Darth welcomed him back in. Darth and Yuri headed to the control room, which also had capacity 2. Yuri moved Rodlen into the control room in the same manner. Only Neil, Darth and Yuri remained and Darth and Neil both supported Yuri.

And that, my friends, is truly a blognomic style victory. Thanks for helping Darth, thanks for help with the idea DK and good luck on your dynasty Yuri =)


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