Saturday, December 09, 2017


Using the Heat Spell 3 times while I have two Tessered Acts for making 2 Fire Shards each lets me gain 4 Fire Shards for the price of paying just 3 Fire Shards. With the 1 Fire Shard profit in that loop, I cast Ashes to Ashes which gives me 2 Power.

So I use that loop an obnoxious amount of times to gain a huge amount of Power, and therefore, Merit.

The weird Combo posts are just to “program” the looping. (I’ll try some explicit loop-specific Combo utility proposals next dynasty, could be good).



09-12-2017 23:35:37 UTC

The annoying thing is I saw a simpler loop where fire tessers could generate 2 shards for the cost of 1 shard and 2 power, and realized that the tesser being watched could use it to gain infinite power through the ashes spell. That’s why I moved the watch from you back then, and I hoped Grynk wouldn’t notice he could still choose fire and do it (I forgot he wasn’t aligned yet when choosing him). Earlier today when Grynk unidled I feared he was preparing it so I blocked his Tessers slots but in my haste I blocked both when only one was enough. I was so focused on that scam that I didn’t even explore the other possibilités and see it was doable even without being watched. If I had used the second Tessers act on you it was over…