Monday, July 13, 2009

Story Post: Exploring 2

Alright now, we haven’t gone surfing yet, but we will soon. First we have to pick up some equipment.
That little hut over there looks like it might be a shop, maybe we’ll get some boards in there…



17-07-2009 06:03:24 UTC

Had a nice bartering session with the surf salesman. He was a tough bargainer, but I think I got the best of him in the end. I was willing to spend $10 on a surfboard, while he wanted $30. Naturally, we fell to namecalling and such, and no deal seemed likely. Then, out of the blue, he decides to offer me a free “waterboarding” lesson! I’d never heard surfing called that before, but I was glad to accept. We shook hands, and he told me to meet him in the government bunker tomorrow. I’m so excited!


18-07-2009 18:46:52 UTC

I escaped from the island’s jungles, onto the beach, and saw the hut. The cheapest board there was 3000 Euros, but I bought it anyway. Walking away from the hut, I wondered why a shop in the Catibbean was selling for Euros…

redtara: they/them

20-07-2009 16:42:59 UTC

Qwazukee wins!