Thursday, August 30, 2007

Proposal: Exquisite monsters

Enacted, having reached quorum.—Kevan

Adminned at 31 Aug 2007 08:10:45 UTC

Add a new rule, entitled “Monster Mash”:

Kaiju Gods are not listed in the GNDT.

Three Kaiju Gods may combine forces to create a monster with which to ravage Tokyo. Any Kaiju God who wishes to initiate this process my do so by posting a notice whose title contains the text “Monster:” and the name of the monster they wish to create. The first two other Kaiju Gods who respond to this post shall work with the initiator to create a Monster.

The Kaiju God who initiated the creation of the monster must first draw the top third of the monster he wishes to create. He must then send, by whatever means deemed necessary, the guiding lines from the bottom of his picture to one of the Kaiju Gods who responded to him. This Kaiju God must repeat the process for the central third, before passing the guiding lines from the bottom of his picture to the final Kaiju God, who must complete the picture with the bottom third of the Monster.

The completed Monster should then be compiled and should have a page created for it in the Blognomic Wiki; this page should contain the completed picture and the names of its creators. Monsters thus created are listed on a special Monster Roster page in the wiki. The Monster is added under its own name to the GNDT.

Kaiju Gods may not be involved in the completion of more than two Monsters; should they complete a second Monster while being involved in the creation of a third, then they shall find another Kaiju God to take over their involvement, if necessary re-drawing their contribution, within 24 hours of the completion of the second Monster. Should they fail to do so, that Monster becomes invalid. If a Monster is initiated by a Kaiju God who is legally allowed to complete it, but there are not enough other Kaiju Gods, to assist him in doing so, then Tokyo may fill in as many parts as are needed.



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08-30-2007 20:00:33 UTC

for I always loved godzilla movies (except tri-stars rip off)


08-30-2007 20:02:19 UTC


Looks like King Kong will be making his second straight appearance in a dynasty…


08-30-2007 20:08:36 UTC

lol. for someone with not much play time you’ve been on alot clucky


08-30-2007 20:46:12 UTC

I have had time, just not long uninterupted blocks needed to run the dynasty and monkey dance. Generally its more brief periods with some longer blocks here and there.


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08-30-2007 23:57:19 UTC

for But we need a clear and easy way to post our pictures on line :)


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08-31-2007 01:37:36 UTC

That’s 8-0, isn’t it?


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We can post them on the wiki, right? The pictures?

If for some reason it would be needed (if we can’t post of the wiki), I can lend some space on my website which I will refrain from shamelessly plugging. It’s in my profile though {:0p

Posting to a wiki should be easy, I would imagine. If we did it right, each third of the image we create could just be posted right below the other image, if we made them line up and be of similar size.


08-31-2007 14:44:46 UTC

Do we need a separate proposal to (temporarily in at least one case, I suspect) remove the NPC’s of the previous dynasty from the GNDT? Or would they be removed retroactively because of the dynasty change?