Monday, July 16, 2018

Proposal: Factional Monsters

Times out 3-1. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 18 Jul 2018 16:55:27 UTC

Add the following to the list of cards in Deck:

# Mystic Council (2) [Ritual] No constraint > increase the Thaum of every mage in your home by 2 / play the up effect of a card in your hand without paying any thaum, then return the card played to your hand.
# Mudling Witch (1) [Monster] May not be attached to a mudling community > when a potion is played on this community the thaum of the wizard playing it increases by 1 / potions may not be played on this community
# Barban Beast (1) [Monster] May not be attached to a barban community > When a structure is attatched to this community the wizard attatching it may draw a card / structures may not be attached to this community
# Grassfolk Exiles (1) [Monster] May not be attatched to a grassfolk community > When a Labor is played on this community the thaum of the wizard playing it increases by 1 / labours may not be played on this community
# Redlander Dragon (1) [Monster] May not be attatched to a redlander community > while this card is attached, any wizard in this card’s community may discard an object from their hand and draw two cards / When an object is played on this community, it must be removed from the player’s hand


Brendan: he/him

16-07-2018 15:05:13 UTC

I’m not sure how the timing of the Up Effect on Redlander Dragon works—does it apply to a Wizard named when the card is attached? Is it just a matter of first come first served?—and with the Down Effect, is it when an object is attached or played?

derrick: he/him

16-07-2018 15:17:07 UTC

Fixed the down effect to specify that its when an object is played.

Redlander Dragon is a monster and so attached, so any wizard with the same home may discard any object at any time after the dragon is attached.. Its intended to be written as a rule, not as an action. Fixing to make that more clear.


17-07-2018 04:08:16 UTC

I think “played on” might need to be defined since the cards have effects which affect things in the game but never are really played on a board. Must be due to translating what would be a physical board if we were playing this physically on a table. Also “mage” isn’t defined in the ruleset.



17-07-2018 04:08:42 UTC

for oops wrong vote

Kevan: City he/him

17-07-2018 09:17:49 UTC


Brendan: he/him

17-07-2018 15:35:22 UTC

against Mystic Council and Redlander Dragon seem too powerful.