Saturday, April 24, 2010


Guys, even all other things being equal, the “Dance” was illegal because there was already a dance taking place. The fact that ais’s DoV passed is kind of disgraceful. I go idle.



24-04-2010 22:52:29 UTC

Yeah, I mentioned that back when it was first posted… no one really listened to me. Meh. New dynasty, chance to try again.


24-04-2010 23:04:16 UTC

No there wasn’t; the previous dance had ended by then. I thought it was pretty uncontroversial that the dance had ended (nobody reverted the resulting GNDT updates, for instance…)


25-04-2010 21:49:42 UTC

I agree with Wakukee’s statement that fact that ais’s DoV passed is disgraceful.

I think passing it as a proposal was a willful misinterpretation of the phrase “open for voting” and thus illegal. Furthermore, I think a CfJ challenging the proposal would have passed, given enough time to.  I may at some point in the future make a CfJ to strike that rule from the archived ruleset.


25-04-2010 22:26:36 UTC

Qwazukee’s, not Wakukee’s.