Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Proposal: Fairy Hammers

Reaches Quorum (10-0)
Enacted by Hix

Adminned at 02 Aug 2007 15:21:08 UTC

Add a new Dynastic Rule ‘Hammers’ which reads:

Each Monkey has exactly one Hammer, the type of which is tracked in the GNDT.  All new Monkeys have Fairy-type Hammers.

Add the ‘Hammer’ column to the GNDT.

Give all the Monkeys Fairy Hammers.




08-01-2007 14:55:34 UTC

for Opens up potential for a lot but hopefully wont be too much work for the person performing the dance.


08-01-2007 14:59:18 UTC

for Doesn’t add any dance steps currently.

Adding more hammer options would be nice though.

Elias IX:

08-01-2007 15:01:17 UTC



08-01-2007 15:02:09 UTC

for Although maybe these should go on the wiki, along with dance steps? It’s one less page to have open when processing the dance steps.

(Maybe the GNDT has had its day, actually. All we really need is a sidebar IFRAME that scrapes and scrunches the raw wikicode from a “game data” page…)


08-01-2007 15:06:33 UTC

The GNDT has its purposes. Pretty table layout; dice… ideally we could have the wiki somehow load the data from the GNDT. But I mean, it just takes opening another window. It really isn’t that bad.


08-01-2007 15:29:00 UTC

Hammered monkeys, good idea!


08-01-2007 16:32:20 UTC

for So we’re dancing with hammers rather than Fritos? I like it!


08-01-2007 17:13:47 UTC

No, we is dancing with hammers AND Fritos. Smash smash!


08-01-2007 21:50:07 UTC

Smashed fritos!  I shall now propose a Frito Hammer!


Oracular rufio:

08-02-2007 04:03:51 UTC



08-02-2007 09:23:28 UTC

for O…kay. This is becoming more and more like the hat dynasty every time I log on :D