Friday, April 12, 2013


Enact a rule entitled “Farmers”:

Every Noble has a non-negative integer statistic called Farmers tracked in the GNDT defaulting to 0. As a Daily Action, a noble may hire a farmer for 2 wealth, up to a maximum of 2 farmers per week. As a Weekly Action, a noble may collect money from their farmers by gaining N Wealth. It is Proper for a Noble to roll 1 DICEN when taking this action and then, if the roll is greater than 5, it is Proper for the noble to lose one of their farmers.  If a Noble rolls the DICEN and rolls a number greater than 5, the Noble loses a total of 2 dignity (including the dignity lost for not taking an action in a Proper manner).

Farms need to be somewhat random as crops are never a fully reliable source of food. Rolling greater than a 5 is equivalent to not having enough food. Dignified Nobles don’t let their farmers starve (although, they do allow them to die….)



12-04-2013 11:29:38 UTC

Also not a proposal