Thursday, April 07, 2016

Proposal: Fee Fi Fo Fum

Passes 5-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 10 Apr 2016 17:17:53 UTC

Create a new rule “That Sneaky Human” as a subrule of “Creatures”:

That Sneaky Human’s stats are: Strength-2 Dexterity-16 Constitution-20. Its loot is a Long Bow, a Swamp Dagger and a Bag of Gold. Its Health is 25.


Brendan: he/him

07-04-2016 15:36:14 UTC


quirck: he/him

07-04-2016 16:03:57 UTC


Clucky: he/him

07-04-2016 16:43:01 UTC



08-04-2016 07:19:37 UTC

By the rules, That Sneaky Human doesn’t have a ranged attack. The longbow only gives that to orcs. I’m still for this proposal, but I’d like to point that out in case anyone wasn’t aware. for