Friday, February 22, 2019

Proposal: Feral Creatures, the Lot of ‘Em!

became popular 6-0. 4 votes contained “I like uniformity”, constituting a quorum.Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 24 Feb 2019 12:17:09 UTC

Add a new Monster to the List of Monster Types with the following statistics:

Name: Man-eating Worm
Hit Points: 10
Frequency: 3
Spoils: Purple Ichor (8), Poisonous Stinger (5)
Ecology: Dank Cave, Shadow Mountain

If the Proposal “And Where to Find Them” does not pass, do not add the “Ecology” statistic.

Add the following items to the Marketplace:

===Purple Ichor===
Extremely useful for potion making, the blood of the purple Man-eating Worm is extremely valuable.

===Poisonous Stinger===
The Man-eating Worm’s main weapon; it is extremely dangerous. Handy for assassins.
*Attack Power: 2
*If they have not Hunted since the last Respawn, an Adventurer may destroy their Poisonous Stinger to remove a Monster from the same Wilds as the Adventurer.

Add the following to the List of Trades in the Marketplace:

*1 Purple Ichor -> 35 coins

If a quorum of EVC’s contain the phrase: “I like uniformity,” change all text in the Marketplace that is in quotations to italics (i.e. “What a wonderful day” -> What a wonderful day)

The last part just bothered me.



02-22-2019 20:40:32 UTC

for I like uniformity, and I see a problem with the Poisonous Stinger. It only requires you to not have Hunted since last Respawn, but doesn’t actually use up your Hunt. Is this intentional?


02-22-2019 22:02:54 UTC

I like uniformity, even though the quote marks are my fault.  for


02-23-2019 01:50:50 UTC

It’s not intentional, but we can fix that in another Proposal.

derrick: HE/HIM

02-23-2019 17:04:57 UTC

for I like uniformity (you may want to say that yourself Naught)


02-23-2019 18:27:18 UTC

for (Italics are easy to forget while enacting: EE changes plain single quotes to fancy quotes, and copy and pasting italics in the proposal don’t carry over)


02-23-2019 19:12:45 UTC

for I like uniformity