Friday, March 26, 2021

Fifteenth Game: Josh vs Lemonfanta

Josh is the starting player. The Grand Canal is the 6 of Swords. The Bersaglio is 27. All six Tricks are active.

(The Environment)


Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 14:28:14 UTC

Good luck!

I play the Knave of Swords.

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 14:31:41 UTC

thanks, u too!

i play the Knight of Coins.

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 14:32:44 UTC

Magician, and L’Aira for 1.

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 14:35:48 UTC

my pocket doesn’t have two cards yet!

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 14:37:20 UTC

It does: the Grand Canal counts:

<blockquote>when a Player is claiming a Trick that requires them to compare the contents of their Pocket to that of the other Player, the defending Player should be considered to have the Grand Canal for that game in their Pocket.

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 14:39:03 UTC

Ugh I’m so bad at closing my blockquotes!!!

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 14:40:31 UTC

ahhh, that’s right!! forgot about the Canal.

well then in that case, i play the Ace of Coins, and… don’t get to L’Aira, because of that pesky canal. huh! still at 0 points then.

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 14:43:43 UTC

Ace of Batons, and L’Aria and Il Toro for 5, adding to my combined total for 6.


lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 14:47:43 UTC

ouch… and u have a base score of 3, so ur at 9 now, right?

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 14:50:20 UTC

Oh yeah lol, I forgot about that

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 14:52:43 UTC

well… maybe it’s just my hubris, but i think i can pull thru. i accept the sfida, stakes raise to 2.

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 14:56:00 UTC

i play Lightning, scoring both L’Aria and Il Propore for 3 total.

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 14:59:41 UTC

Respect the hustle.

Knave of Cups, so L’Aria and Il Toro for another 5, total 14.

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 15:03:59 UTC

oh dear.

King of Swords, for a measly little L’Aria and a total of 4 points :‘u

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 16:13:09 UTC

Devil, and L’Aria for 1 to a total of 15

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 16:17:46 UTC


Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 16:18:31 UTC

The devil is a heartbreaker!

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 16:21:25 UTC

seeing as there’s no forfeit button, i’ll just play as i was planning to :‘u

Queen of Swords, for what *would* have been +7 points, but is instead just an Il Propore, 2 points for a total of 6 u_u

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 16:23:34 UTC

Queen of Batons, and L’Aria for 1, total 16

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 16:32:08 UTC

Ace of Swords, Il Propore for 2, total 8

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 16:43:03 UTC

9 of Batons, L’Aria for 1, total 17

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 16:45:47 UTC

finally the 8 of Swords, for another Il Propore and another 2 points, bringing my total up to 10! funnily enough, i think our pockets are exactly equal right now?

anyway, good game, thanks for being a good sport while u were completely dunking on me :u

Josh: he/they

26-03-2021 16:47:22 UTC

GG, I’m sorry for completely dunking on you! I considered being nice and going easy in the newcomer, but… nah. Welcome to blognomic!

lemon: she/her

26-03-2021 16:51:30 UTC

thanks for the honest welcome :U

Kevan: he/him

26-03-2021 17:03:39 UTC

Game is Clean. Josh wins 2 Pegs/Magistrelli, Lemonfanta loses 2 Pegs.