Friday, May 19, 2017

Final Bowl Begins Anew

The cosmos remain in a state of devastation, torn apart by the raw Bloggsball power of The Hosts. In this dark future, we have no choice but to fight the Bloggsball-based domination of our new eldritch Gods the only way we know how: we strap the Bloggsball helmets onto our Bloggers. We give them all manner of sticks and bats. We are ready to compete for the remaining scraps of Final Points.

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee ourselves that I have time this weekend to do match oversight, so unless we want to sit on our thumbs for a while I will be replacing “The Commissioner” in “The Commissioner shall oversee all Final Bowl Matches.”

Informally, who wants it? I will defer to Cuddlebeam if they want it, since they did still previously win the auction to do so (but no shenanigans pls) but may be uninteresting for them now since they have the guaranteed 52 points. Once I change it, though, I can’t change it back.



05-19-2017 12:12:45 UTC

Lol that feels like Space Jam and I love it.

Tbh my main motivation to have the Overseeing is to pull shenanigans for self-profit lol.

I have one more shenanigan I’d like to pull with it, but it’s not one of those “it stalls the game until solved” types luckily.

So what we could do is, I pull the shenanigan, then do the matches as usual, and then raise a CfJ for both the shenanigan version and the regular version. If the shenanigan-matches are deemed/found to be illegal then we just continue as if they didn’t happen and go with the regular ones and call it done there. Or the shenanigan-matches are legal and I win and it’s all done anyway.

You’d just need to sit back and vote for either one.

How about it?


05-19-2017 12:32:50 UTC

Let’s do it. I’ve changed the sentence in the Ruleset accordingly.