Thursday, June 18, 2009

Proposal: Final Showdown

Passes 7-1. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 20 Jun 2009 21:13:13 UTC

Create a new Dynastic Rule titled “Final Showdown” with the following text:

All Challenges must be Extreme Challenges. Only 1 Contestant may Succeed at any Challenge, and that Contestant is the Challenge Champion. Challenges must incorporate the Fame, Looks, and Luck statistics. Challenges may not incorporate the Vote and/or Support statistics. Challenges may incorporate Hats.

Because it’s time for the partisanship of Blognomic to come to an end. With any luck, one final Challenge will be the best, most fair way to put this dark age of division behind us, and move on into the unified future of Blognomic.



06-18-2009 23:02:43 UTC

Lol, this is earlier than Clucky’s Fruit Picking because I spent a long time writing it.


06-18-2009 23:31:28 UTC


Ienpw III:

06-19-2009 00:24:11 UTC



06-19-2009 00:33:20 UTC

I mean, if ais wants to do this he is free to, but I don’t think we should force him to.


06-19-2009 01:12:30 UTC



06-19-2009 02:00:05 UTC



06-19-2009 03:37:19 UTC

We can’t force ais to do anything; he has Veto power, remember? I hope that he will like this idea, but if not, he can always smote it in an instant.


06-19-2009 08:32:03 UTC

I don’t feel at all comfortable voting either way on this proposal; I don’t know whether people feel like ending the dynasty now, or whether they want to continue. This would seem like a reasonable way to do a sudden end, but if people are enjoying this, it’s better to continue. So let me know, with your votes on this proposal, whether you want the dynasty to continue as it is, or whether you feel it’s time for a change.


06-19-2009 08:41:38 UTC

Actually, against, there’s a loophole in this due to Immunity. I’d still like other people’s opinions on whether it’s time to end the dynasty now or not, though; if people feel it is, we can pass a fixed version of this.


06-19-2009 08:52:34 UTC

No loophole, I thought about this. The Immunity rule reads, “The Challenge Champion of the last completed Challenge has Immunity until another Challenge has been completed.”

Thus, Wak and Clucky lose Immunity at exactly the moment it would otherwise have helped them (unless they win the Challenge, of course).


06-19-2009 17:33:51 UTC



06-19-2009 20:22:45 UTC



06-20-2009 15:47:22 UTC

for As I can’t override my AGAINST vote earlier, I’ll go with the majority instead.