Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Proposal: Final Solution to Boring Dynasty

Passes 4-3-3 after timeout—arth

er arth, Amni changed votes. That makes it 3-3-2 failure. Sorry.—Clucky

Adminned at 23 Jul 2009 20:58:30 UTC

Create a new rule called, “Fun Enforcement”:

Tourists are not allowed to get bored; if an action they take would be boring, that action cannot be taken.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! For my next trick, I’ll repeal the law of gravity and amend the value of the number 2!


arthexis: he/him

21-07-2009 04:57:18 UTC

for  arrow Explicit author FOR. Let’s see if you guys find the trick in this rule…


21-07-2009 10:09:42 UTC

against I don’t think “get bored” or “boring” are defined in our Ruleset, though they might be defined by the Ruleset right now.

Amnistar: he/him

21-07-2009 10:44:32 UTC

for  arrow

arthexis: he/him

21-07-2009 14:34:13 UTC

@Quaz: The glossary implies that if a keyword is not defined by a rule, it has its normal English usage.


21-07-2009 15:15:20 UTC

for  arrow
Just to see what will happen.


21-07-2009 20:08:53 UTC

against Boring TO WHOM?

Plus, it seems pointless.


21-07-2009 21:58:15 UTC

for  arrow


22-07-2009 00:19:48 UTC

It’ll be hard to determine what this entails. . . .

CoV imperial

Kevan: City he/him

22-07-2009 11:49:36 UTC

This would freeze the nomic solid (“I think every game action, including your CfJ to repeal ‘Fun Enforcement’, is boring”), except that the action or decision of regarding something as boring is, itself, boring.

Amnistar: he/him

22-07-2009 12:37:58 UTC

Naw, post a DoV with the statement that voting against said DoV would be a boring activity, BAM you win.


22-07-2009 13:33:32 UTC

against for all the obvious reasons

arthexis: he/him

22-07-2009 14:01:29 UTC

@Kevan: Something isn’t boring just because you think it is. In fact, I would find trying to repeal this rule very entertaining.

Kevan: City he/him

22-07-2009 14:50:31 UTC

I’d say that if something bores just one person, then it can be successfully described as “boring”.

@Amnistar: A DoV with a “voting against this is boring” clause would, itself, be boring. You don’t have to call these in advance, any more than you have to point out other rule breaches before they happen - you can just respond to any game action with “sorry, nope, can’t do that, it’s boring”.

Amnistar: he/him

22-07-2009 20:30:27 UTC

Which would lead to CfJ about whether or not something was boring…hrmm…..that could be interesting.

against Just because I’m not sure if it would be possible to remove it once it’s in place.

arthexis: he/him

22-07-2009 22:34:05 UTC

However, if something is fun, it can’t be boring, right? Certainly if something is declared both fun and boring, you can’t force people to vote one way or the other.

Darknight: he/him

23-07-2009 02:44:43 UTC