Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Final Warning

Fair warning guys. If this doesn’t end by Sat, I’m gonna propose a way to end it one way or another. Rod and some of the rest of you might remember this from Rod’s last dynasty. Lets just say I had a bomb proposing it before



01-14-2009 06:10:47 UTC

You’ve been warned


01-14-2009 06:14:06 UTC

Ah yes, the bomb that was brought into my dynasty through the idiocy of a planar entity called Mad King Anthony.

The bomb that was brought through a time machine that went back to the First Dynasty of Lyndse.


01-14-2009 06:18:08 UTC

Don`t ask why a multi-dimensional dynasty had time travel.

Or Anthony.

Or a bomb.

In fact, just don`t ask.


01-14-2009 06:18:40 UTC

*nods* However, I’ve got around to twicking it. The only reason I might have to try proposing it is noone seems to agree on how this should end and who should win. So either someone wins or we get another, though prob better, meta. We’ll see by Sat Rod.