Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Proposal: Finale, Part I; Let Dramatic Scribbling Commence

Reach quorum, 10-0. - Devenger

Adminned at 29 Apr 2009 13:03:53 UTC

Create a sub-rule to Rule 2.2 Acts, called ‘The Finale’, with the following text:

Once there are 6 Finished Acts, when the Producer creates an Act, he may add the keyword ‘Finale’ in the title to make the new Act the Finale. Once the Finale has been created, no more Acts can be created.

The Finale is not like a normal Act. Scripters posting Scenes for the Finale should write a Scene that single-handedly finishes the movie.

The Finale differs from a normal Act in the following ways:
- As scenes will not be compiled in chronological order when the Act is Finished, when writing a Scene a Scripter should write as if their Scene will be the only Scene in the Act. (This is because only the Scene that wins Best Finale Scene will be included in the production, as the ending of the movie.)
- No Target Body Count is given by the Producer for a Finale. The Act Finishing condition based on Target Body Count does not apply.
- Scenes have a Body Count of the Scene creation roll plus 10. (Note that a Scripter’s Popularity is still added to this roll, as Rule 2.6 Popularity.)
- The Finale’s Scene’s Scripts can exceed 50 words. They cannot exceed 100 words.
- Continuity claims should not be made about Scenes contradicting previous scenes in the Finale, as there are no continuity errors possible as any posted Scene is an independent ending.
- No wiki page is created when the Finale is Finished.

Part one. If this passes, I’ll post a victory condition defining proposal. But it doesn’t have to be this way - if you vote AGAINST it would be helpful if you said what you think needs to be different, or if you propose something better!

We’re all in this together, guys.

- The Producer



28-04-2009 20:13:03 UTC

imperial , although the language in this isn’t clean.


28-04-2009 20:39:56 UTC

for, this dynasty’s been good but it’s time to move on, I think. Also, arrow, because I like arrows.


28-04-2009 20:48:55 UTC

imperial  arrow  arrow  arrow


28-04-2009 20:49:23 UTC



28-04-2009 22:17:53 UTC

against  Chairs.


28-04-2009 22:26:04 UTC

CoV for  per Dev on IRC.

Darknight: he/him

29-04-2009 00:52:39 UTC



29-04-2009 05:48:36 UTC


Josh: he/they

29-04-2009 06:37:24 UTC



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