Thursday, July 31, 2008

Find the Great, Black Tower

Requirements - none
Available Space - 5
Start Time - 08/02/08 00:00:00 (UTC)
Length - Not Known
Purpose - This party will be sent to locate and enter the black tower that supposedly holds the sleeping Guardian.
Rewards - 30 XP, 50 gold pieces, and one Item of the Adventurer’s choice from the Item List with “Ring” in the name
Penalties - 100 gold pieces (failure shall not be tolerated)
Other - This task will require a diverse mixture of skills, so if your specialization is already represented, I would encourage you to instead join the other party.



07-31-2008 19:16:29 UTC

Thog will go.

Thog think well.

Thog fill spot for Thinker.


07-31-2008 19:16:41 UTC

(whoops, Count me in.)


07-31-2008 21:39:08 UTC

Count me in. Hah hah hah… hah.


07-31-2008 21:59:11 UTC

Why Devenger no like Thog?


07-31-2008 23:13:08 UTC

Count me in.  This party needs me.


07-31-2008 23:24:15 UTC

Thog like Bucky.  Bucky funny.


08-01-2008 00:37:38 UTC

count me in


08-01-2008 08:42:52 UTC

Ok, Amnistar, let’s see… you’re an Ogre, I’m a Fairy. You have 13 STR, which is 13x the STR I have. Were we ever going to be FRIENDS?!?

(I know my stats are hilariously not useful in any way, which is what I’m actually laughing about - I am of no use whatsoever to the party. Giggle at the doom of this group!)


08-01-2008 12:11:03 UTC

Count me in


08-01-2008 12:12:04 UTC

Hey now, my mad skills got us past the last quest, but then, I am the greatest fairy.


08-01-2008 14:50:50 UTC

Devenger make great ball for tennis!


08-01-2008 16:32:55 UTC

That makes 5 incidently, so if Yoda wants to start it earlier, I believe he can?


08-01-2008 17:21:14 UTC

Yeah, get this started. I want o get a ring of my choice so I can finally reduce my STR down to 0!


08-01-2008 18:02:46 UTC

If only it worked that way :(  Unfortunately can’t take a ring that’ll reduce your stat to 0.


08-01-2008 18:45:10 UTC

Why not? Ring of Study, and nothing explicitly saying you can’t have an ATTRIBUTE with a value of 0…


08-02-2008 22:51:29 UTC

(Devenger: The Ring of Study has a STR requirement of 2.)

Thog, Devetir’iz, Bucky, Darknight, and Tinkergong travel down the streets of the city, looking for the black tower.  They come to what looks like the main road.  It is wider than all the other roads with various shops lining both sides and is nicely paved with throngs of people walking down the road to the right.  The Adventurers jump into the river of people and follow the crowd down the street.

After a few minutes, the crowd stops, but there are so many people that it is impossible to see what is going on.


08-02-2008 22:55:15 UTC

Well now.. I think having the two faries fly up over everyone and have Thog GENTLY lift the gnome up onto his shoulders should allow us to see whats causing the hold up


08-02-2008 23:05:57 UTC

“Scuse Thog!  Thog coming through.  Out of thogs way!”


08-02-2008 23:23:25 UTC

Thog lifts up Bucky while Tinkergong and Devetir’iz fly up in the air.

“Watch it you big lunk.  You don’t have to fling me up in the air like a doll,” says Bucky.

“Sorry,” responds Thog.

“What’s going on?  I can’t see…” says Darknight.

“It looks like those small creatures you guys said you saw when you first got here are making quite a stir,” says Tinkergong.

“What are they doing?”

“I can’t tell.  Just a second.”

Tinkergong flies up ahead over the crowd.

“Wait for me!” says Devetir’iz, flying after him.

(Be right back with the rest.)


08-03-2008 03:39:58 UTC

“Help!” shout Tinkergong and Devetir’iz.

“I come!” shouts Thog in reply as he pushes through the crowd, Darknight following behind.

Thog, Bucky, and Darknight come out of the crowd to see Tinkergong and Devetir’iz sinking in a sea of the small creatures.


08-03-2008 03:45:11 UTC

*jumps up onto Thog’s back to see better* Ah crud. This is so not good.

OOC- If I can, I want to use any kind of offensive spell to drive off those things and try to find out what they are to begin with.


08-03-2008 08:54:29 UTC

I’m quite willing to take no particular action at thi point, even if I could.


08-03-2008 13:48:25 UTC

“Hey, you.  What’s going on here?”


08-03-2008 17:26:20 UTC

Thog reaches out and tries to pull the two fairies out of hte sea of creatures.


08-03-2008 23:41:55 UTC

Attempts to attack a creature to escape! (Spd 6 Str 2)


08-04-2008 00:23:02 UTC

Ok, in order:

Darknight tries using an offensive spell, but it does not seem to have any effect.

Devenger just stands there as he gets pulled under.

The creatures do not seem to even acknowledge Bucky’s comment.

“Hang on!” Thog shouts as he tries to pull the fairies out.  As he pulls, the force from the creatures is so great that he gets pulled in with them.  Luckily, Bucky got off Thog’s shoulders just in time.

Tinkergong tries to hack away at the creatures.  It starts to work, but the creatures soon overwhelm him again.

(Wow.  This kind of luck is reminiscent of the last adventure.)


08-04-2008 00:48:32 UTC

I’m still on Thog so I’m really really screwed right now


08-04-2008 01:03:42 UTC

Oh, I forgot you were on him too.  Well, you and Bucky jumped off just in time, then.


08-04-2008 01:04:56 UTC

*looks at bucky* Now what do we do?


08-04-2008 01:07:21 UTC

(Think of what almost worked last time…)


08-04-2008 01:09:13 UTC

I still flail about, attacking, trying to fly away.


08-04-2008 01:11:20 UTC

*groans after coming up with the answer to his own q* Hang tight guys. *runs in kicking like an idiot*

OOC-since I don’t own a weapon I’ll use my feet to kick the things away


08-04-2008 01:11:34 UTC

Attacking is a daily action, and you used it about 1.5 hours ago.  Sorry.


08-04-2008 01:14:01 UTC

who was that said to?


08-04-2008 01:15:53 UTC

Thog Attacks the horde!


08-04-2008 01:17:07 UTC

That was said to bean.  One second, let me do the rolls for these right quickly.


08-04-2008 01:25:24 UTC

Oh, ha. Sorry.


08-04-2008 01:27:49 UTC

Darknight runs into the mass of creatures, kicking like crazy.  Amazingly, it seems to work and the creatures start to recede, untrapping Thog and the fairies.

All of a sudden the creatures slowly mass together into a monstrous creature that resembles a giant rat standing on his hind legs.  The mass of creatures suddenly slams down on his “front legs”, creating a massive shockwave and sending the crowd of Atlantians screaming back down the street.

I now anounce the creation of an NPC of the race Atlantian.  Each of the attributes are +2 and each skill is skill level 2.  It also has 6/9 hp (3 from Darknight’s hit).


08-04-2008 01:28:44 UTC

Now, Thog’s attack…


08-04-2008 01:28:48 UTC



08-04-2008 01:30:15 UTC

Thog fails his roll (DICE8:3 DICE4:3).


08-04-2008 01:30:42 UTC


OOC- Well I’m shocked my kick hurt it as much


08-04-2008 01:31:44 UTC

dice 8?


08-04-2008 01:32:00 UTC

(Wow.  I seriously cannot believe the luck, or lack of it, that you guys have had with this.)


08-04-2008 01:32:23 UTC

Yah, twice your combat.


08-04-2008 01:37:43 UTC

(Just for our sanity, and because I’m sure you guys want this to be over just as much as me, I will go ahead and say the DICE8:6 DICE4:1 roll was the REAL one.)


08-04-2008 01:55:17 UTC

Thog completely demolishes the creature (2DICE15:28).

The creatures quickly disperse, revealing the black tower standing directly in front of the Adventurers.

“What were those things?” asks Tinkergong.

“I don’t know,” replies Bucky.

All of a sudden, Professor Blithe comes running up the street behind the Adventurers.  “What did I miss?  Where did everybody go?” he asks.

“Well, there was this sea of small creatures that almost swallowed Tinkergong, Devetir’iz, and Thog, but Bucky kicked them out of the way.  Then, they massed together to form a huge creature that Thog smashed to bits,” said Darknight.

“Oh, then the lore was wrong!  The Guardian has been defeated!”

“What?  That thing was the Guardian?”

“Yes, and apparently it had already awoken by the time you got here, so you actually got here just in time.”

“And we stopped it from destroying Atlantis.”

“Yes, yes.  Thank you so much.  How can we ever repay you?”

“Well, first we could use some—”

All of a sudden, all the Adventurers’ amulets begin to glow brightly.

“What’s happening?” asks Darknight.

“I suppose that since you have completed the task you were sent here to complete, you will probably be returned to where you came from.”

“Finally, now I can get some sleep,” sighs Devetir’iz.

“Thog tired,” says Thog.

The amulets keep glowing brighter and brighter.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye,” says Professor Blithe.

“I suppose so,” says Darknight.

The amulets are now glowing full bright, and in an instant, the Adventurers disappear.

Professor Blithe, who is now standing alone in the middle of the street, says, “They may have looked kinda weird, but they really were heroes.”

Each Adventurer is now laying in their bed, waking up.

Was it really just a dream?  I guess we’ll never know…

Task succeeded.


08-04-2008 02:07:06 UTC

Rewards dispersed and Quest Journal updated.


08-04-2008 08:10:43 UTC

Woo! I’m so going on more of these. Apparently, I don’t even have to take an action to be victorious!

(Good job, all.)


08-04-2008 08:12:32 UTC

Additional note, actually: I couldn’t have taken any action anyway because you did literally the entire battle during you folks timezones. Yoda, could ou stagger the quests out a bit? (Or give me my own unique quests wih lots of phat loot and no action required?)


08-04-2008 13:27:35 UTC

Sorry, I was mainly trying to end this quickly so this dynasty could end with at least some semblance of a conclusion.