Friday, October 05, 2018

Proposal: Fire With Fire

Times out 1-5. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 07 Oct 2018 18:24:05 UTC

Blank the contents of the I/O Tower and repeal “Fire Walls”.

Straw poll, really. Card’s “Return of the Craction” proposal was about giving the MCP an additional extra step where a human stares closely at eight grids to work out what happens, which seems at odds with the idea of the MCP being an automated process which can explicitly take the I/O Tower data as an input.

I’m curious as to whether anyone is actually planning to add code to the MCP that lets it read and manipulate firewalls (I’m not sure that I am), or if the core gameplay is getting lost between two stools here.


derrick: HE/HIM

10-05-2018 13:35:21 UTC

I’m at least planning to add code that will parse the firewalls.

I wish we had a slightly better idea where this dynasty was heading, thematically. I don’t know what winning should look like right now. Of course, I’m mostly playing a support role this dynasty, rather than playing hard.

Brendan: HE/HIM

10-05-2018 19:02:45 UTC


derrick: HE/HIM

10-05-2018 19:21:43 UTC


I’ll try to build something that uses it, and automatically output useful data/relevant changes.


10-05-2018 22:57:11 UTC

currently I’m in favor of at least trying to get the mcp to do it before repealing the rules


10-06-2018 18:34:20 UTC