Monday, February 05, 2018


A single person should not control more than one non-Idle Resident within BlogNomic, and should announce publicly if they control both a non-Idle Resident and any Idle Residents.

I’m Cuddlebeam btw, and I’ve just realized that I control both a non-Idle (Cuddlebeam) and Idle Resident (HugBeam). I was reading dynastic histories when I stumbled upon this one, and read “HugBeam”, tried to log into it, and I could with one of the passwords I tend to use. So apparently it’s mine.

(I remember finding Blognomic way before I started playing, but I didn’t remember making an account… Oh well.)



02-05-2018 09:53:31 UTC

Confirming its me.


02-05-2018 10:05:58 UTC

Following your link made me realise my dynasty doesn’t appear in the history box, but I don’t know how to edit that :(


02-05-2018 10:07:43 UTC

[Diabecko] It’s the template at I’ve gone ahead and added it.


02-05-2018 10:41:37 UTC

Cool thanks :)