Sunday, June 24, 2018

Proposal: First Catch Your Owlbear

reached quorum 6-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 26 Jun 2018 02:11:22 UTC

For each bullet below in this proposal, the text before the first round bracket is its Title, the round bracketed number is its Score, the square bracketed word is its Type, the first sentence after the closing square bracket is its Constraint, the sentence after that is its Up Effect and the sentence after that is its Down Effect.

  • The Prophecy (2) [Ritual] You must have a Potion and a Person in your hand. Discard a Potion and a Person, then draw a card; instead of selecting this card randomly, you may choose any card which is not in a Wizard’s hand. Discard a Potion and a Person.
  • The Metamorphosis (2) [Ritual] You must have a Person and a Monster in your hand. Discard a Person and a Monster, then swap the contents of your hand with that of another Wizard. Discard a Person and a Monster.
  • The Haruspex (2) [Ritual] You must have a Monster and a Potion in your hand. Discard a Monster and a Potion, then draw six cards. Discard a Monster and a Potion.
  • The Behemoth (2) [Ritual] You must have two Monsters in your hand. Discard two Monsters, then set all Ratings of any one Community to zero. Discard two Monsters.
  • The Miasma (2) [Ritual] You must have two Potions in your hand. Discard two Potions, then set any one Community to be Suspicious to all Wizards. Discard two Potions.
  • The Infiltration (2) [Ritual] You must have two Persons in your hand. Discard two Persons, choose a Faction and change all Communities of that Faction to be Neutral. Discard two Persons.

For each bullet above in this proposal, make a subrule of “List of Cards” which has its Title, Score, Constraint and its two Effects.



24-06-2018 16:31:47 UTC

for Ah, so you think a Down effect should be a negative effect for the player, perhaps triggered by other cards/as a cost for playing powerful cards?


24-06-2018 17:28:22 UTC

Well thought through.  for

Kevan: City he/him

24-06-2018 18:47:31 UTC

[Corona] I’m not sure, really. I was going for “worse for the world” in the last proposal, but that makes less sense for benefit-the-caster spells, so I went with “worse for the player” here.

Maybe we should vote on what Up and Down actually mean.

derrick: he/him

24-06-2018 21:41:02 UTC


I like the structure!

Brendan: he/him

25-06-2018 04:36:52 UTC

for I CREATED owlbears.


26-06-2018 01:51:48 UTC