Friday, February 01, 2013

Proposal: Fix it felix, the sequel

Timed out and failed, 2-5 with one unresolved DEF. Patrick loses 4 Credibility and another 2 for voting FOR, along with Koen. Clucky, Larrytheturtle, Murphy, robo1995, scshunt and Spitemaster all lose 2 Credibility for not voting. Josh

Adminned at 03 Feb 2013 02:47:54 UTC

Add a new subrule to the rule “Standing Orders” entitled “Voting Matters” which states:

Once a proposal is 48 hours old, no new votes will be accepted.

Append the following text to the rule “Credibility”:

If an Honourable Member is considered Corrupt, their vote on any voting matter will not be counted.

Regarding Corruptness of Honourable Members… all or nothing, right? I feel like their top priority should be losing their Corrupt status. Note that they are still able to make proposals.



02-01-2013 02:14:03 UTC

against the first point, I like the second bit though.


02-01-2013 02:35:41 UTC

I thought it would fit in well with the theme, a “no exceptions” sort of deal, the kind of thing we’ve been heading towards.


02-01-2013 02:46:48 UTC

for Well I guess it makes sense…


02-01-2013 05:53:30 UTC

imperial iffy on this.  The problem I have with the first bit is we already dock points for not voting.


02-01-2013 07:30:35 UTC


Josh: HE/HIM

02-01-2013 12:36:29 UTC


The Honourable Member’s hair is looking particularly bouffant today. Has he perhaps tried something different? In any case, the effect is quite striking.


02-01-2013 13:01:47 UTC

nqeron: we only dock points for not voting on a proposal which timed out. If a Proposal is 48h old, it has *already* timed out, so it’s a little late to cast your vote and save your credibility, don’t you think?


02-01-2013 13:17:16 UTC

The second clause will risk the whole dynasty going to pot if a number of members become corrupt and then a bunch of HMs deidle and vote.


02-01-2013 20:09:50 UTC



02-02-2013 15:13:13 UTC