Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fix to ascension issues

Currently there are no rules governing changes to the color scheme, the head of the blog, and the veto icon, which means that they either can’t be changed except by proposal or they aren’t gamestate (“information which the Ruleset regulates the alteration of”, though color scheme is explicitly listed as an example).

Also, rule 1.9 allows new Commanders to replace “any keywords” with new ones. This is one of three places “keywords” are referred to in the ruleset. The other two are the glosary entry beginning “A keyword defined by a rule supersedes the normal English usage of the word.” and as a header in the glossary (3.3) under which is the definition of “quorum”.

Assuming the idea is to have the head, color scheme, veto icon, and the terms “DDA Member” and “DDA Commander” changeable by a new Commander when they take office and nothing else (other than the wiping of any dynastic rules), here’s a fix for your consideration.

Add “The new DDA Commander then has seven days to change the color scheme, the blog’s header, and the veto icon to his liking.” to the end of the penultimate paragraph of Rule 1.9.

Move all text from Rule 3.3 to the main section of the glossary above Rule 3.1. 

“*DDA Member
*DDA Commander”
to Rule 3.3.

Change the sixth bullet point of the Glossary to read “A ‘’‘term’‘’ defined by a rule supersedes the normal English usage of the word. A ‘’‘term’‘’ defined in this glossary supersedes that defined by a rule. (eg. A rule specifying ‘Bananas are Blue’ cannot be overruled by posting a dictionary definition or a photo of a banana, and a rule specifying ‘every day is Sunday’ will be overruled by the glossary entry below.)”


Kevan: City he/him

22-05-2008 21:05:22 UTC

It’s usually someone other than the Emperor who actually changes the colour scheme, and things are sometimes tweaked a week or two afterwards - I think we’re okay leaving it unregulated.

Good call on everything else, though.


22-05-2008 21:10:43 UTC

Is this meant to be a proposition or what? Are we voting on this?


22-05-2008 21:17:28 UTC

No, it is not a proposal.  If it was meant to be, it needs to be re-posted as a proposal.

I don’t think we need this, since it has never been a problem before.


22-05-2008 21:23:19 UTC

I think we just need to remove the explicit reference to the color scheme as gamestate.