Friday, September 26, 2008

Proposal: Fixed Stuff

Time out with quorum but without the half for the second half to enact.-Darknight

Adminned at 28 Sep 2008 16:23:40 UTC

Add the following to the end of rule “Item Shop”:

Charm of Feathers - Potion 20: If used during battle, the Wings and Scales of the user’s Dragon are increased by 1DICE4 (roll once for each stat), until the end of the battle.
Charm of Thorns - Potion 20: If used during battle, the Muscle and Flames of the user’s Dragon are increased by 1DICE4 (roll once for each stat), until the end of the battle. 
Exploding Flask - Potion 35: If used during battle, roll 3DICE10 and substract your opponent’s Scales. If the result is greater than 0, your opponent’s Dragon takes that much damage.
Replicating Bag - Artifact 120: Choose an item you own of type Potion. You obtain a copy of that item.
Fortune Cookie - Artifact 150: You gain 1DICE100 Cookies. 
Everlasting Vial - Artifact 80: Add 1DICE20 to your active Dragon’s Heartbeat, or 1DICE30 if the color of your Dragon is Green.
Frozen Gasp - Talisman 90: If the Heartbeat of your Dragon would be reduced to zero, it is reduced to one instead, then remove this item from your backpack. 
Thunder Ring - Talisman 130: When your Dragon uses a move, you may roll DICE10. On a 1, the opponent’s Dragon takes 3DICE4 damage (ignoring Scales) and loses it’s next turn.
Acid Armlet - Talisman 75: While in a battle, your opponent’s Muscle and Scales are considered to be 1 point lower than their actual value.

If more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “Rewards”, then create a new rule “Rewards” with text:

Whenever a proposal passes, the Breeder that created that proposal and the admin that enacted it may purchase one item from the Item Shop at 50% off price (rounded up). For this offer to be valid, the purchase must be done before 24 hours have elapsed after the enactment of that proposal. This offer does not stack if the admin that enacted it and the proposer are the same individual.




Bucky: Proprietor

26-09-2008 21:36:30 UTC

for .  However, I dislike the new version of the proposal bonus because IMO it gives the Admins too much of an advantage.


26-09-2008 22:53:06 UTC

for bu admins rocking the world is a no no

Ambi Valent:

26-09-2008 23:17:31 UTC


arthexis: he/him

27-09-2008 01:17:48 UTC

Lately I’ve adminned a lot of proposals (specially timed out ones) perhaps this will help other admins step up and enact proposals faster.

Darknight: he/him

27-09-2008 01:39:15 UTC


arthexis: he/him

27-09-2008 02:01:16 UTC

for Rewards (explicit author for)


27-09-2008 04:46:51 UTC



27-09-2008 04:49:36 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

28-09-2008 14:07:24 UTC

for Rewards


28-09-2008 20:18:13 UTC

for Rewards