Thursday, December 21, 2006

Proposal: Fixing some stuff

Timed out. Passes 5-0. Enacted by Clucky

Adminned at 25 Dec 2006 17:19:51 UTC

The sticked post is too big. It should mainly be moved to the events page of the wiki..

Replace rule 2.5 Olympic Events with the following

There is a post stickied to the top of the blog called “Upcoming Events”. This post may often be edited by the coach to include new events. Each upcoming event should be mentioned by name and a brief summery.

For each upcomming event, the coach must also update the “Upcomming Events” section of the Events Page on the Wiki detailing the event. The detailing should include

  * 1) A cost(In TP) for competing in the event.
  * 2) Any additional criteria for participating in the event.
  * 3) The Conditions for Termination of the event
  * 4) The Conditions for Awarding Medals once the Event has terminated
  * 5) A list of rivals who will be competing in the event

The Conditions for Termination must be possible. The Conditions for Awarding Medals must be such that and equal number of Bronze, Silver and Gold medals are awarded. Medals can only be awarded to Olympians who meet all the Criteria for Participation.

When the Conditions for Termination are met, Medals are Awarded based on the Conditions for Awarding Medals. Any Olympian which earned a medal will have eir proper medal increased by one in the GNDT(That is, a student who wins a “Gold Medal” will have “Gold” increased by one) Any rival which earns a medal will have that rival’s team’s proper medal increased by one.

The event is then removed from the “Upcoming Events” section of the Events page and added,along with results, to the “Old Events” section of the Events Page on the Wiki.
The event is also removed from the Upcoming events post on the blog.

Olympians are encouraged to send the Coach ideas for Events by updating the talk section of the events page on the Wiki.

If more than half of the Olympians who for FOR this proposal also say “We need the text” add the following to Rule 2.1.

Blognomic as a team also has a collection of medals. This collection is tracked in a separate row called “Blognomic” on the GNDT



12-22-2006 17:03:34 UTC

We need the text, but those who vote against should still have a say.  Still, I vote for


12-23-2006 14:35:45 UTC

We need the text for

Elias IX:

12-25-2006 15:17:05 UTC

It actually makes more sense for only FOR comments to vote with text, since if you don’t want it, then it doesn’t really matter whether or not the addendum is present.

Clucky, you rock.  for

We need the text


12-25-2006 18:54:35 UTC

We need the text.