Sunday, October 18, 2009

Proposal: Fixing the elections rule

Illegal, 18 Oct 2009 15:16:05 UTC

Excalabur had three proposals pending   Datestamp will be wrong, I added explanatory text later. —Excalabur

Adminned at 18 Oct 2009 08:20:48 UTC

Delete 2.2.2 Elections. 
Replace it with

Every 5 rounds there will be an election of the Leader of Blognomic.  Any player may open the election by making a post to the blog entitled “Election” if one is not currently open, which shall be stickied.  As a comment to such a post, any player may make a comment voting for another player to become the Leader of Blognomic, or may vote for themselves if at least one other player has already done so.  Any player may change their vote any number of times until voting closes, only their latest such vote shall count, as for the .

Five rounds after the close of the previous election, the current election shall become closed to voting, and the votes may be tallied at any time thereafter by any admin.  The player receiving the most votes, where each player has votes equal to their Points as of the close of the election (or 1 if their Point total is non-positive), shall become the Leader of Blognomic. 

The first election will close at (X).  Anytime after the first election closes, any Player may delete this paragraph.

Upon enaction, replace (X) above with the first midnight more than a Jiffy after this proposal passes.

This works, I think.  I took out the points for nomination because they seem unnecessary.


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