Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Call for Judgment: Fixing the mess

Fails 0-8. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 07 Oct 2009 04:37:10 UTC

Notwithstanding rules that would prevent players winning or DoVing, yuri_dragon_17 has achieved victory and can make a DoV saying so even if the time limit isn’t up.

The win might have come quickly this time, because of what I thought was my luck in identifying DK as a Cultist; but yuri and I between us had the stats to kill more or less anyone in a couple of attacks (which were likely but not guaranteed to succeed), and a 50% chance of identifying the other Cultist via a cult attack on a known-to-me player, preceded by me doing an autopass revenge against the cult (50% chance it backfires and hits me, 50% it hits the other Cultist). Therefore, more or less the only way to stop us winning this dynasty between us (one or the other) would be for the other players to recognise they needed to pick on yuri, which they will do now this has happened but probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. (Incidentally, the most likely other scenarios for the dynasty ending would be for either me and yuri to almost achieve our plan and then get wounded by some other non-Cultist at the last minute (which would be a win for Bucky in most scenarios, unless he was wounded at the time), or for sufficiently many people to get seriously damaged that zombie critical mass had been reached (I think it would have been already if the Infected had been playing optimally), which would almost certainly be a win for arthexis if he was playing properly (although Qwaz has now almost overtaken him due to sloppy play on arthexis’ part).) The only other situation I can see from here would be a huge reset of gamestate followed by a major change in the rules to make the dynasty less of a foregone conclusion; my situation has been ruined by play prompted by a mistake on the Leader’s part.



10-06-2009 15:24:27 UTC


As mentioned in the DoV, the ruleset has a mechanism by which the players are notified when all of the cultists are incapacitated. That the Leader made an error is not in question, but you also undid yourselves by not keeping your powder dry. In any case: I like this dynasty, and I’d rather keep it around until someone wins it legitimately.


10-06-2009 15:38:44 UTC

against  DK is a Cultist; that post was a lie.


10-06-2009 15:39:32 UTC

A lie which I was planning to clear up within 1 hour of making it.

Ienpw III:

10-06-2009 15:58:58 UTC


Ienpw III:

10-06-2009 16:03:30 UTC

Aside from the obvious reasons, I think this dynasty has gone on long enough.

No offence to anyone.


10-06-2009 16:07:46 UTC

against Would be much more convincing if the 2 people in agreement with this weren’t the 2 with a vested interest in it passing. Y’all are right, the Dynasty is almost over; why not see how it actually plays out?


10-06-2009 16:27:15 UTC

@Qwaz: you have a vested interest in this failing.


10-06-2009 16:35:28 UTC

Anyway… at the rate this will go, yuri will just kill Josh (by teaming, or on his own); I’ll support by getting the Cult to attack him. (Josh is the third cultist, that’s a logical consequence of the rules.) Then, yuri will win but not be able to DoV. If this CFJ fails, we’ll have the situation where yuri has won but cannot DoV, so we’ll have several days of waiting for yuri’s second DoV to turn up. This is not really an ideal situation, which is why I made this CFJ.


10-06-2009 16:40:27 UTC

Incidentally, Qwaz, if the dynasty does end up just playing out, my best strategy will be to team with you, if you’re willing; that would lead to a victory which would almost inevitably go to either you or yuri, unless either you, me, or yuri messed up, or most of the rest of the players cooperated to let Bucky win.


10-06-2009 18:26:45 UTC

I’m willing to work with anyone, although I’m not too interested in running a Dynasty now I don’t think.

To respond to your comment of 16:35:28 UTC, ais, the lesson is that yuri should have waited to DoV until he had actually won. As it is, he will likely fail to win because we will all jump on him as soon as this Hiatus ends.


10-06-2009 18:34:10 UTC

DoVing quickly was likely a good idea as you’d all have jumped on him as soon as he met the victory conditions… There isn’t really a way around it. (Incidentally, if yuri meets the victory conditions, can he DoV three days later if he no longer meets them, but did at some point?)


10-06-2009 19:19:20 UTC

against , as above with the additional reason that the poor wording could be interpreted as overriding the first sentence in Rule 1.9 (Victory and Ascension) with regards to yuri_dragon_17 beyond the end of the current dynasty.


10-06-2009 20:02:45 UTC



10-06-2009 20:04:09 UTC

against ais writes so much that I don’t care for reading it.


10-06-2009 20:12:34 UTC

CoV against Good point @Bucky. We need to end the dynasty somehow, though; it’ll be a disaster if we just let it drift.


10-06-2009 21:47:53 UTC


Ienpw III:

10-06-2009 23:00:00 UTC

CoV for Per bucky :(


10-06-2009 23:01:34 UTC

You were already voting FOR. . . .

Ienpw III:

10-07-2009 01:20:40 UTC

against sorry