Thursday, June 04, 2009

[Flavour] Coming back

[Title sequence]

Welcome again to Reality TV! We bring you footage today from the Reward Room. arthexis is just putting the finishing touches to the shopping list; but time’s up, so I’ll just take it now. [Mechanical arm reaches down from the ceiling and snatches the order pad out of arthexis’ hands.] Ah, interesting. I see the prop guys have been working on some of this stuff already; there already seems to be a plane in the fridge, no idea how it got there, but much of the food we should be able to work on. (Not counting the whole of Wikipedia; that would just be silly, and rather expensive.)

We got funny looks when we tried to order the Soylent Green, so we gave up on that one. Also, the DDA wouldn’t let us have any of their special proprietary ingredients, so you’ll have to do without; and we didn’t order the dolphin in case the media tried to attack us over it, though. Oh, and try not to choke on the cans.

And yes, I’m back. (Could someone add the Control Room to the GNDT and wiki ruleset, unless there’s some reason it wasn’t? I’m trying to balance on a hyphen at the moment, it’s rather uncomfortable.)


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