Monday, June 01, 2009

[Flavour] Eviction

[Title sequence.]
Welcome back again to Reality TV. Today, more footage from the diary room, followed by coverage of our first eviction. (Yes, we tried to get rid of Devenger earlier, but he ran away before we could film him leaving.)
[Diary room footage plays. Much of it is repeats, but it’s been remixed and given funky music.]
And now, for our first eviction. Many other shows give contestants ages to say their goodbyes, and so on; it’s all very soppy. Not here.
[The Host pulls a lever; a hole opens up under Darth Cliche, who falls out of sight.]
[There is a sound of breaking glass, as the Host dives through the camera run wall, and jumps down the hole after Darth Cliche. Then it closes again.]

Hah, that’s how I’ll escape this bunker! Presumably this has to lead somewhere. Hmm… there isn’t anyone but the contestants in the bunker now, but I rigged all the controls up to my mobile phone. With any luck, nobody’ll notice the difference. (Err, I hope they’ll cut that last bit out of the broadcast. Please?)


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