Thursday, July 28, 2022

Proposal: Flipped Metal

Reaches quorum with 6-0 and is enacted -SingularByte

Adminned at 29 Jul 2022 19:18:58 UTC

In the rule “Statuses”, append the following to the end of the status “Flipped”:

While a bot is Flipped, its Shove Power is considered to be multiplied by 0.5 for the purposes of resolving Shoves.

Could tweak the values later, but this can still allow counterplay to shove strategies without being forced to have a system specifically for countering them


SingularByte: he/him

28-07-2022 08:30:20 UTC

0.8 is honestly a drop in the bucket at the scale that shove power normally has. Given that being behind a bot is a 0.5 multiplier, the same for being flipped might be reasonable.

SingularByte: he/him

28-07-2022 08:32:16 UTC

The bot being shoved from behind is the one at 0.5, I mean.

lendunistus: he/him

28-07-2022 08:44:07 UTC

thanks, edited

SingularByte: he/him

28-07-2022 16:50:08 UTC


Darknight: he/him

28-07-2022 17:29:30 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

28-07-2022 18:36:22 UTC



28-07-2022 22:50:37 UTC



29-07-2022 03:03:41 UTC