Friday, January 04, 2013

Proposal: Following Rank

Self-killed. -scshunt

Adminned at 06 Jan 2013 05:02:38 UTC

A new section shall be created entitled Rank, with the text:

Cult leaders may at any time, for any reason give or remove Rank points to any other member of their cult.  Rank points are tracked by the Cult leader.

As soon as a member of a cult achieves a certain number of Rank points, they achieve a Cult Status.
The Cult Statuses and the Rank points at which they are achieved are as follows:

Initiated: upon initiation
Acolyte: 5 Rank points
Indoctrinated: 10
Immersed: 20
Elder: 30

A Cult leader does not have Rank points, and has no ‘Cult Status’.

In pursuit of the secret, one becomes ever more so immersed in its depths


RaichuKFM: she/her

04-01-2013 17:38:57 UTC



04-01-2013 17:42:35 UTC

imperial This is an idea i had that would be interesting, but I’m not entirely sure it will be beneficial or contribute anything to play.


04-01-2013 18:35:23 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

04-01-2013 18:40:28 UTC

against Doesn’t seem that useful to have a number which is tracked secretly by a single player, and alterable at whim; there is no easy way for the ruleset to access that number. May as well just let the Leader exercise that whim directly, and use whatever private power structure they like.


04-01-2013 18:55:29 UTC



04-01-2013 19:37:11 UTC

In considering Kevan’s comment, I think I can legally self kill this. against

quirck: he/him

04-01-2013 20:46:40 UTC