Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Proposal: Food for the Gods

3-4. Timed-Out.—Chronos

Adminned at 28 Oct 2005 10:13:15 UTC

Remove the line “Each Deity may often increase eir Quintessence by one point. ” from the Quintessence rule, and add these two sub-rules to it:-


A Deity can use an Incarnation to draw quintessence from patterns of the cosmos.

Every Incarnation has a Domain listed in the Deity Wiki. This Domain is a description of a element (be it an event, object, or abstract concept) within an Epic for which the Deity gains Quintessence. Occasionally, a Deity may change the Domain of an Incarnation which they have as eir current role. The Archon or Other may overturn such a change if done within 24 hours.


Often a Deity may make a post with the title “Epic: ((Epic Title))”. This post must contain a narrative detailing the exploits of a hero or other significant events within the mortal world.

In response to an Epic post all Deities may Exercise Domain on it, by posting any number of comments citing elements of the Epic which fall within eir Domain. After 24 hours the Epic becomes closed and those Deities which Exercised Domain have 24 hours in which ey may gain Quintessence. By default a Deity gains 1 Quintessence per Epic, but this amount is altered if any of the same elements of that Epic were cited by another Deity. If the same element or elements were cited by more than one Deity then the Deity with the more specific Domain may instead collect the Quintessence which would have gone to the Deity with the more general Domain. If the relative specificity of the Domains is unclear, then neither Deity gets any Quintessence. Any Deity may enforce this, but a decision by the Other or Archon in this matter is final.

For Example: An Epic details the battle of the armies of King Ozymandius against the Cannibal Tribes in the Jungles surrounding R’leyh. An Exercise of the Domain of Violence citing ‘the battle’ would be undercut by an exercise of the Domain of War citing the same, and the latter would get 2 Quintessence and the former 0 Quintessence. Whereas an Exercise of the Domain of Vegetation citing the Jungle would not affect the Exercise of the Domain of Life citing the army and tribes, since different elements were cited, even though Life is more general than Vegetation.

The Archon or Other may nullify an entire Epic by indicating this using eir veto icon. The Epic then has no effect and all comments to it have no effect, although the poster loses the ability to make another Epic for 24 hours.



10-26-2005 18:07:42 UTC

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10-26-2005 18:49:53 UTC

against Nice idea, but isn’t this just a way for a player to give themselves and their chosen friends Quintessence? Either that or a game of scrabbling Domain-changes, but they seem a bit out of theme, if Thor can become the God of Daffodils for a week.


10-26-2005 19:15:22 UTC

The archon or the other can veto domain changes.


10-26-2005 19:23:26 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

10-26-2005 19:52:10 UTC

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I love the storytelling element. If the Quintessence is an issue, we ca n deal with it later.


10-26-2005 22:57:19 UTC

against What Keavan said. What if you are the Kami of Underware? How many epics are going to involve that?

Angry Grasshopper:

10-27-2005 01:40:02 UTC

Kami of Underwear ==> smiting by the Archon and the Other.


10-27-2005 15:00:57 UTC

This is too bad, I was looking forward to some story-telling. I tried to keep this from getting too silly by making the Archon and Other the theme-police.


10-27-2005 16:48:44 UTC

It’s too late to save the theme. Truman Capote is now Elvis Presley.


10-27-2005 17:04:40 UTC

for  for For what it’s worth.


10-28-2005 07:41:33 UTC

Vetoing seems a bit harsh with no indication as to what is and isn’t allowed. Would taking the domain of Cannibals Being Killed In Jungles (an hour before the epic expires) be vetoable cheating, or the whole point?


10-28-2005 15:26:16 UTC

I think the strategy would be to choose a Domain you are likely to be able to apply to most Epics, but where you won’t tangle with another Deity. Since you can only change it occasionally and only with permission from the 2 uber-gods.


10-28-2005 16:26:07 UTC