Sunday, May 01, 2011

Proposal: For what it is Worth.


Adminned at 03 May 2011 15:57:06 UTC

Increase the Worth of every Corporation by 20 times.
Set the Worth for every Corporation created via Venture post to 200.
Add to the and of every Business Plan, for every Corporation:


Change the second paragraph of rule “Startups” to:

When 48 hours have passed since the post was made, the Venture ceases to be pending. As long as a Venture is still pending, the Investor who posted it may resolve it as follows: they must decrease their Currency by any multiple of 15, but at least 300, and may optionally decrease the Currency of one or more Investors by any multiple of 15, but no more than each Investor’s Limit. If the total Currency hereby decreased is exactly 1500 the Venture is successful and ceases to be pending, and the Corporation is created with the Name and Ticker Symbol specified in the Venture’s title. This new Corporation shall start with a Worth of 200 and a Business Plan of “Add (2-DICE8)*50”, and each Investor who lost Currency to this Venture will gain shares equal to the amount of Credits lost divided by 15. This overrides the usual division of Shares for new Corporations.

Change rule “Bankrupt” to:

If a Corporation’s Worth has been lower than 0 for 96 hours (4 days) uninterruptedly, its assets are frozen and its stocks cannot change ownership except by proposal, CfJ or as explicitly allowed by this rule’s subrules. Such a Corporation can be referred as a Bankrupt Corporation.

Please excuse me for posting this once more.
The objective of this Proposal was not a scam or personal payback, but fixing an issue I think is one of the causes of the slow pace of this Dynasty.
Making a new Proposal to fix only the wrong part of Worthy Companies one was not Wise, I should have self killed and reposted it. It’s all about Experience, I guess.



05-01-2011 20:46:20 UTC


My only thing is that if no one posts a quarterly report for 96 hours, then a company could become bankrupt from just 1 quarterly report.


05-01-2011 20:57:23 UTC

Good point, but I guess there will be always someone trying to save a Bankrupting Company. Anyway, we can change it in X reports, or back to the Worth limit.


05-02-2011 06:20:36 UTC



05-02-2011 06:57:07 UTC

against It seems like this is far too harsh on new corporations.


05-02-2011 10:33:52 UTC

Sigh. I thought you all failed my previous because too good for new Corporations, and made it harsher. :P
Anything is better than what it is now (spent 1500 for 0 Worth and negative Businness plan and no way to change it)


05-02-2011 10:40:28 UTC

I just saw your proposal.
They are almost the same, I’ll s/k if the other one looks to be passing.


05-02-2011 15:00:03 UTC

I think the problem with your proposals is that they try to do 2 things at once.


05-02-2011 16:35:43 UTC



05-02-2011 17:32:51 UTC



05-02-2011 18:08:18 UTC



05-02-2011 18:30:42 UTC

I think that’s the problem too…
Well just two things is a great improvement.
Before I just wrote a proposal every couple of days piling up every change I wanted to make to the Ruleset. is an exemple…
against S/K